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Taoyuan Tourism


Windchasing on the Coast

Fishing Harbors - A Taste of the Sea

Taoyuan's coastline is dotted with fishing harbors, sea views, and important Hakka traditional heritage. Yonngan Fishing Harbor is the first choice destination for seafood in Taoyuan. Natural sceneries and historical sites are also major attractions for visitors to Guanyin Township. Ride your bike along Taoyuan County's unique coastal tree-lined "green path" and take in the beauty of nature.

Windchasing on the Coast

Windchasing on the Coast

Xinwu. Fishing harbor views

Visitors standing on the arch bridge of Yongan Fishing Harbor can treat themselves to breathtaking views of the entire harbor. At night, immerse yourself in the enchanting night scene as the bridge illuminates the harbor with an array of lightings. A tree-lined "green bike path" crosses the coastal recreation area by Yongan Harbor. The 4 km long path starts in Xinwu and connects Dayuan, Guanyin, and Luzhu together.

Guanyin. Rock by the sea

The Guanyin Coastal Recreation Area is ideal for a late-afternoon walk by the sea breeze. More than a century old, Baishajia Lighthouse is the westernmost lighthouse on mainland Taiwan. Ganquan Temple was selected as one of the top-100 religious sites in Taiwan. You are encouraged to stop by and pray for peace in the coming year. During summer, Guanyin Town is also home to the fun and exciting Hakka Ocean Music Festival, where Taiwan's top indie bands and pop artists perform.

Hakka Cultural Heritage

The Fanjiang Old Residence, currently a Class 3 Historical Site, is an example of a simple and unadorned building characteristic of Hakka architecture, and is a wonderful preservation of rich Cantonese Hakka heritage. The ceramic inscription hanging over the main door, the incense burner and ceramic basin, the painted doors and walls, as well as the wood and brick carvings, reflect the customs of a traditional Hakka home. It is a favorite hangout and photo scenic spot for visitors and tourists in search for heritage sites.


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