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Taoyuan Tourism


Taiwan High Speed Rail

THSR Route Map to Taoyuan

THSR Route Map to Taoyuan

Taiwan High Speed Rail

Taiwan High Speed Rail offers a new alternative for fast rail travel. With shorter trip times and a more comfortable ride, you can spend more time and enjoy yourself more thoroughly in Taoyuan!

Taiwan High Speed Rail Taipei StationTaiwan High Speed Rail Taoyuan Station - 19 minutes

Taiwan High Speed Rail Zuoying StationTaiwan High Speed Rail Taoyuan Station - 1 hour and 29 minutes

Online Booking

Taiwan High Speed Rail booking website

Train schedule inquiry

Early-bird discounts

24-hour telephone booking hotline

Telephone booking 4066-0000

Miaoli 4266-0000

Taitung and Kinmen 4666-0000

Matsu On mobile phone 02-4266-0000

Business Hours 00:00~24:00

Customer service

Customer Service 4066-3000

Miaol areas 4266-3000

Taitung and Kinmen areas 4666-3000

Matsu areas and mobile phones 02-4066-3000

Business Hours 06:00~24:00

Taiwan High Speed Rail Taoyuan Station

Taiwan High Speed Rail Taoyuan Station

ADD No.6, Sec. 1, Gaotie N. Rd., Zhongli City, Taoyuan County MAP

Business hours 06:20 ~ 23:45

Operation Hours For purchase of on-the-day tickets - final train departure of the day │ For purchase of advance tickets - 22:30

Station map.png

THSR Taoyuan Station Transfer Information

Bus transfers

To Zhongli train station 170、172、132A

To Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport 5089

To Taoyuan train station 206
To Cihu  501Taiwan Trip -Daxi Express

Taoyuan bus real-time transfer information