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Taoyuan Airport MRT

Taoyuan Airport MRT connects Taiwan Railways, High Speed Rail and Taipei Metro. It not only integrates the transportation networks of Northern Taoyuan but also opens the gate to the international markets for Taoyuan.

From Taipei Main Station to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1 Station, it only takes 35 minutes by Express Train, and takes 39 minutes to Terminal 2 Station. The Commuter Train takes 82 minutes from Taipei Main Station to Huanbei Station and only takes 19 minutes from Taoyuan HSR Station to Terminal 1 Station. It’s efficient and fast.

Source: Taoyuan Metro Corporation

Metro Route

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Express Train

  • Express Train
  • Business hours06:00~23:00

    FrequencyEvery 15~30 minutes

    Durationfrom A1~A12 takes 35 minutes

    StopsA1 Taipei Main station、A3 New Taipei Industrial Park Station、A8 Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Station、A12 Airport Terminal 1 Station、A13 Airport Terminal 2 Station

    Luggage Capacity122 space for 28 inches and 604 space for 20 inches suitcase

    Charging SocketsCharging Sockets

Commuter Train

  • Commuter Train
  • Business hours 06:00~23:00

    Frequency Every 15 minutes

    Duration from A1~A12 takes 49 minutes and from A1~A21 takes 82 minutes

    Stops Every stop from A1 to A21

    Luggage Capacity 252 space for 20 inches suitcase

    Charging SocketsNo Charging Sockets

Ticket Fares

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    Airport Metro Ticket Fares Chart

    Airport Metro Ticket Fares Chart

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Airport Metro Service

1. In-Town Check-In (ITCI)

Service Hours:A1 Taipei Main station、B1 In-Town Check-In Area 06:00~21:30

Passengers must complete the In-town Check-in Services 3 hours before flight departure on the same day.

Service availability of each airline varies based on individual flights. Please contact your airline in advance.

China Airlines, Mandarin Airlines Contact at +886-3-3988888

Eva Airways, UNI Air: Contact at +886-3-3516805

Complete custom tax refund (depending on the passenger).

Please confirm your checked luggage to pass X-ray security inspection.

Follow up by scanning your luggage tag under luggage tracking scanner.

2. Free 4G Wi-Fi in the metro

3. Easycard, iPass, ICASH2.0, Taoyuan Citizen Card and others are applicable.

Metro Route Map Vision

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Metro Route Map Vision

Taoyuan Metro Corporation

Taoyuan Metro Official Website

Contact Customer Service +886-3-286-8789


Facebook Page Taoyuan Metro

Taoyuan International Airport Corporation Ltd.

Taoyuan International Airport Official Website

Airport Metro Boarding Spots

To Terminal 1 the boarding spot to A12 is located by the food court escalator at B1

To Terminal 2 the boarding spot to A13 is located by the food court hallway at B2

Contact Customer Service +886-3-449-8666


Facebook Page Taoyuan International Airport

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