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Taoyuan Tourism

Temple blessing tour

Blessings are given to those who worship - Temple blessing tour

Learn about the local beliefs at century-old temples

The main folk beliefs in Taiwan are Taoism and Buddhism, but the religious culture varies from region to region within Taiwan. Taoyuan has several century-old temples which are the important religious centers for locals and the epitome of local life. Watching performances and playing Chinese chess at squares in front of the temples, munching on delicacies in food markets around the temples and seeking blessing during Chinese New Year have all become part of the daily life. The journey to seek a blessing will bring the visitors to experience the local culture and beliefs.

Etiquette for worship

In traditional Taiwanese temples, after one passes the gate and archway, one will be in the realm of the gods. Visitors should avoid eating any meat product and should admire the religious art such as the architecture, Koji pottery and stone sculpture with respect.
Most Taoist temples have three gates with the central gate being the gate for the gods. The central gate is only opened during major festivals. The left gate is known as the dragon gate with a painting or sculpture of a dragon on the wall while the right gate is the tiger gate which is decorated with a powerful-looking tiger. Visitors should enter through the dragon gate and exit from the tiger gate. If the temple has a map, visitors can follow the route shown on the map.

Basic procedure for worship

  • Step 1
    Prepare offerings

    Prepare fresh flowers and fruits as offerings for the gods. One can usually purchase these near the temple.

  • Step 2
    Light the incense or put your palms together

    Take one or three incense sticks and pay respect to the Jade Emperor Censer outside. After paying respect to the Jade Emperor, pay respect to the main god honored by the temple.

  • Step 3
    Say the prayer in silence

    When paying your respect, say your name, the place you are from, the content of your prayer in your heart and remember to thank the gods for their blessings.

Reminders: If you are a believer of other religion and cannot hold incense sticks, you can put your palms together or visit with a sincere heart.

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