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Irresistible souvenir Banner

Irresistible souvenir

Unique Taoyuan-style gift

In addition to well-known Daxi dried tofu and Longtan peanut candy, there are many classic souvenirs in Taoyuan. Hidden delicacies that only locals know come from the trails in Xinwu, a shopping district in Fuxing Mountain District and an alley in the buzzing city. We especially select Taoyuan only souvenirs that are suitable to bring overseas from the past year Best Gifts and characteristic agricultural products, allowing you to eat happily and use them safely.

Bring the local souvenir with you

  • Dried Tofu

    Daxi Dried Tofu

    A flavor loved by people of all ages

    How can you not try dried tofu when you are at Daxi Old Street? There are more than 10 flavors including Taiwanese BBQ, honey and spicy. The dried tofu becomes even more fragrant as you chew, making it an excellent snack for drinking tea and watching television!

  • Longtan Peanut Candy

    Longtan Peanut Candy

    A traditional hand-made snack you can't get enough of

    Each peanut is coated by malt sugar; it is the most representative dessert in Longtan. When taking a bite, you can taste the crunchiness of peanut and the fragrance of malt. This seems simple but it is a delicacy that has lasted more than a half-century.

  • Tea


    A rich tea aroma you can taste in your mouth

    Fuxing District, Daxi District and Longtan District produce good tea. The sweetness of high mountain oolong tea, the fragrance of black tea, the charm of premium pouchong tea and the fruitiness of oriental beauty tea make them must-buy souvenirs in Taoyuan.

  • Dried Mushroom

    Dried Mushroom

    The log mushroom is produced in abundance in Fuxing District, Taoyuan. The dried mushroom is chewy, bringing the texture and taste of any dish to a new level.

  • Rice Puffcorn

    Rice Puffcorn

    Rice Puffcorn, the must-try childhood snack among the locals, combines the new fragrant rice from Xinwu with the sweetness of fresh Yuhui scallops. The crunchy and delicious taste is a must-buy snack here!

  • Craft Beer

    Craft Beer

    The craft beer is brewed with wheat and local fruits in Taoyuan. The beer tastes dense, the color is clear, and the end of the taste is fruity, allowing people to experience the local taste with each sip.

  • Xinwu Dayuan Rice

    Xinwu Dayuan Rice

    Xinwu is the hometown of rice in Taoyuan, producing full and clear grains. When the rice is freshly cooked using a rice cooker, the rice exudes a thick taro fragrance and offers a sweet taste.

Practical souvenir Anchor

Practical souvenir

  • Black Diamond Caviar Essence Mask

    Black Diamond Caviar Essence Mask

    Taipu Biotech is known for developing various anti-allergic skincare products without any additional essence and coloring. The most popular product is the anti-wrinkle and whitening Black Diamond Caviar Essence Mask; it is also one of the Best Gifts awardees in 2017.

    Taipu Biotech


    No. 43, Yangming 8th St., Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City

  • Peach Branch Pen

    Peach Branch Pen

    ALi Studio trims and processes the peach branches the farmers pruned through a 3-6 months long complex procedure to produce a bamboo-shaped peach branch pens with a delightful fragrance. The pen is ergonomic, making it easier for people to write. This is a perfect gift to yourself or others.

    ALi Studio


    No. 188, Sec. 3, Xinguang Rd., Pingzhen Dist., Taoyuan City

Best Gifts Store Anchor

Best Gifts Store

  • Republic of Chocolate

    Republic of Chocolate

    As the largest chocolate product tourism factory in Taoyuan, Republic of Chocolate manufactures many unique chocolates. The 50% tieguanyin chocolate made from the tea produced in Taiwan adds the fragrance of tea to the taste of chocolate, giving it a layered tasted and refreshing texture. The orange NAMA chocolate cake melts in one’s mouth. Along with the refreshing orange skin and high purity chocolate, every bite is worth savoring.

    +886-3-3656555 #777

    At the end of Chocolate Street, Sec. 2, Jie Shou Rd., Bade Dist., Taoyuan City

  • ALi Studio

    ALi Studio

    ALi Studio trims and processes the peach branches the farmers pruned through a 3-6 months long complex procedure to produce a bamboo-shaped peach branch pens with a delightful fragrance. The pen is ergonomic, making it easier for people to write. This is a perfect gift to yourself or others.


    No. 188, Sec. 3, Xinguang Rd., Pingzhen Dist., Taoyuan City

  • Daxi Tea Factory

    Daxi Tea Factory

    Established during the Japanese rule period, Daxi Tea Factory underwent a century of history and practice, giving the consumers the great taste of good tea. Be it the refreshing and bittersweet Qingxing oolong tea or the black tea with a light floral and fruity scent, they are all must-buy souvenirs from Daxi Tea Factory.


    No. 80, Ln. 732, Sec. 2, Fuxing Rd., Xinfeng Vill., Daxi Dist., Taoyuan City

    Official website

  • Ta Fang Dried Tofu

    Ta Fang Dried Tofu

    After being passed down through four generations, Ta Fang Dried Tofu is one of the main stores selling Daxi Dried Tofu. It uses non-GMO soya bean to make vegetarian jerky. The soy fibers are used to recreate the meat texture, giving a thick soy fragrance with every bite. The handmade dried tofu undergoes 4 repeated rapid freezing and braising, and its solid taste makes it one of the must-buy souvenirs.


    No. 46, Zhongzheng Rd., Daxi Dist., Taoyuan City

  • Huang Ri Siang

    Huang Ri Siang

    With its long history, Huang Ri Siang is one of the well-known dried tofu stores in Daxi. Its most unique product is Xiang Xiang Dried Tofu which is made using selected soya bean and Chinese herbs. It is chewy and becomes more fragrant as you chew. For dried tofu, there are many flavors including spicy, Chinese five-spice and scallion. Daxi dried tofu has a wide range of flavors, and each is loved by the many customers.


    No. 56, Heping Rd., Daxi Dist., Taoyuan City

  • One Li Shine Food Factory

    One Li Shine Food Factory

    With more than 100 years of history, One Li Shine imports organic soya beans from America to make its organic black dried tofu. A complex procedure is used to braise the dried tofu, allowing the customer to taste the fragrance of soya beans and the tastiness of the braising sauce. The innovative snack tendons are made with soya beans, soya sauce, and other spices. It is juicy and delicious and is a must-buy snack for the locals.


    No. 123, Zhongyang Rd., Daxi Dist., Taoyuan City

  • Danone Studio

    Danone Studio

    In an attempt to solve the problem of family members’ cracking and itching skin in winter, Danone Studio began research on how to make fully natural handmade soaps. The soap made with various organic plants including bitter ginger and pig thigh is nourishing for the skin. Not only does the studio solve the problem the family members faced, but it also hopes to help more people to solve their skin problems.

    +886-935-309303 、 +886-3-4718191

    No. 15, Ln. 160, Gaoyuan Rd., Longtan Dist., Taoyuan City

  • Li Yang Studio

    Li Yang Studio

    Li Yang Studio specializes in making exquisite brooches with modeling clay, nylon string, and resin clay. It merges traditional blue shirt and Tung blossom which are the symbolism of Hakka spirit into the small and detailed accessories. Its products are the most representative of Hakka spirit in Taoyuan.


    No. 331, Datong Rd., Longtan Dist., Taoyuan City

  • Sayo Workshop

    Sayo Workshop

    Among all the aboriginal tribes in Taiwan, Atayal is most famous for its weaving. Saya Workshop combines traditional manual weaving with modern cutting methods. It integrates traditional aboriginal patterns into purses, bags, and ties to manufacture uniquely Atayal products.


    No. 137, Ln. 39, Sec. 1, Fuxing Rd., Daxi Dist., Taoyuan City

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