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Taoyuan in Four Seasons

Taoyuan in Four Seasons

You think Taoyuan is just a stopover?

You are wrong. Taoyuan is so much fun! The nature, the local food, the festivals…any season is good time to travel! It is time to go to Taoyuan!



  • Taoyuan Lantern Festival

    Taoyuan Lantern Festival

    Follow the locals! Join the lantern festival!

    Want to get rid of the winter laziness? On the last days of Chinese New Year holiday, let’s go to Taoyung Lantern Festival! There will be a huge zodiac lantern and Taoyuan theme lanterns with colorful lightings that bring you the charm of “Made in Taoyuan”! Don’t forget to claim a small lantern for yourself.

  • Hakka Day

    Hakka Day

    New Year activity! Sing and eat!

    "A rest is a preparatory step for a longer journey ahead". I am sure you understand this saying so slow down at the beginning of the year! On the 20th of January in Chinese lunar calendar, Hakka male needs not go to the farm nor does female waive. Enjoy the local version of a cappella or watch the traditional theater. 5-colored glutinous rice balls, 5-colored rice noodles, and Lai Cha can be made on your own. Relax and offset to charge up again!

  • Spring Flowers Season

    Spring Flowers Season

    Flowers blossom! Wander among flowers!

    The spring is the season for flowers! Make a trip to Beiheng highway and encounter the beautiful blossoms! Elegant plum blossoms, sweet tulips, romantic cherry blossoms, matte finish callas that make up your trip abundant. Jiaoban Mountain, Dongyan Mountain, Xiao Wulai, Xihai Flower Garden Zone are all the popular check-in points. You may look at beautiful flowers, have a picnic on the grass, or go to a restaurant for flower seasonal meals. Taoyuan flower season offers you all!

    *Jiaobanshan Plum Blossom Festival,Beiheng Cherry Blossom Festival,Calla Festival



  • Longgang Rice Noodle Festival

    Longgang Rice Noodle Festival

    New experiences of exotic charm!

    The most Burmese city in Taiwan offers more than rice noodles! The Songkran water festival, the torch festival, and street banquet… all the traditional festivals reappear here! Let’s stop by Zhongzhen Market, which is more than 60 years old, and discover delicacies including pea powder, shredded papaya or crispy fried stuffed buns that open your appetite!

  • Taoyuan Marine Hakka Culture Festival

    Taoyuan Marine Hakka Culture Festival

    Century-new harbor for fish catching!

    Roll up your pants, put on the hats, and let’s go fishing! Learn how to be a fisherman for a day in the Hakka fish harbor. You will have to learn how to make a net first, and then you get to try Taiwanese Beach Seine! Following the sound of conches, everyone pulls big fish up together against the ocean! You can also try building a stone fish pond and learn the fish village culture while having fun.

  • The Hakka Tung Blossom Festival

    The Hakka Tung Blossom Festival

    It’s snowing Tung as in a romantic movie!

    April is the best month for watching Tung blossom! The most beautiful invitation is the hill peaks with Tung blossoms. Picnic under the trees, the Tung blossoms fall when the wind blows. You can’t help but to hum a Hakka song. A fashionable and yet retro flower carnival will be held with concerts, cultural and creative markets, farm village voyages…etc. in the early summer.

  • Dragon Boat Festival

    Dragon Boat Festival

    Boat racing over waves after waves!

    The 5th of May in Chinese lunar calendar is the time for gulping rice dumplings and watching dragon boat races in Longtan Lake. Encouraged by the loud drums, racers from all over the world speed up as a team! The cheering from the crowds adds up more energy! Try to stand an egg or make a fragrant sachet. It doesn’t matter if you are good or not as long as you have fun!

    *Dayuan Sea Dragon Boat Carnival,Longtan Homecoming Cultural Event

  • Minnan Festival In Taoyuan

    Minnan Festival In Taoyuan

    The only real people on pavilion floats!

    Cosplay is not a privilege for youngsters! Pavilion floats that appeared hundreds of years ago are recreated in Taoyuan! From folk stories, classical history to local culture as the themes, everyone puts on their costumes and walk along the street with the decorative pavilion floats! Later on, we should follow the locals to the temple for good luck. Then, we will make some glutinous rice balls as lucky desserts!



  • Northern Cross Adventure Festival

    Northern Cross Adventure Festival

    Challenge extreme on Highway #7!

    Have you seen a sky full with stars? Do you know how to make a fire within 10 seconds in the wild? Go outdoors and enjoy the natures on your summer vacation. Bungee jumping from Baling Bridge, river tracing along Yunei creek, escaping in military tunnels, training in the mountains…from Cihu, Xiao Wulai, Jiaobanshan to Lalashan, any adventure is the best proof of your courage! If you are a calm person, there will be open-air concerts and picnics on the grass for you too.

  • Daxi Cultural and Art Festival

    Daxi Cultural and Art Festival

    The second Chinese New Year for Daxiers

    Do you think Daxi is a quiet and slow town? The 24th of June in Chinese lunar calendar is the birthday of Guanyu, the Martial God, and you should come over to party with Daxiers! There will be big parades from local temples celebrating together with gongs and drums! You will be amazed by this hundred-year-old cultural event!

  • Aboriginal Harvest Festival

    Aboriginal Harvest Festival

    Celebrating harvest by singing and dancing!

    You don’t have to travel to the east for aboriginal harvest festivals! Taoyuan has the most aborigine habitants on the west coast and we host the festival every summer to show gratitude to aborigine ancestors. There are aborigines from 16 tribes dressing up with their own costumes, singing and dancing all night. Tribe meals, millet wine and boar meat will be served on site.

  • Taoyuan Land Art Festival

    Taoyuan Land Art Festival

    Wall-less museum for limited time!

    Taoyuan offers more than beautiful nature! Thousand-old algae reefs, hundred-old stone fish traps, and ponds are unique sights in Taoyuan. Moreover, the decorative art, theaters and musical concerts will be spotlights of your journey as well.

  • Chill on the Ocean

    Chill on the Ocean

    Seafood buffet and karaoke rock’n roll!

    Visiting the fish harbor in the fall is not for the wind but for the seafood! Fat crabs, big oysters, and sweet lobsters are offered with reasonable prices here! Enjoy the Michelin-level gourmet while watching shows of pop stars. Let’s rock n roll!

    *Yongan Fish Harbor Music Festival,Zhuwei Fish Harbor Music Festival,ZhuWei Summer Ocean Music Festival

  • Taoyuan Lotus Festival

    Taoyuan Lotus Festival

    An easy trip to a lotus pond!

    Photographers come to Guanyin county for the well-known lotus blossoms every summer. You may watch the lotus or sit on a giant lily pad. There are also lotus seeds cuisine to help you ease the heat, Hakka Party for you to dance by the ocean, and traditional Chinese operas for you to chill in the countryside. There are a lot more for you to enjoy in our lotus festival!



  • Taoyuan Shopping Festival

    Taoyuan Shopping Festival

    Souvenir shopping excuses!

    You can’t go home without souvenirs from Taoyuan! Our agricultural products including herbal tea, cumquat jam, taro rice…etc., and handcrafts including hand-made soap, china, Hakka clothing…etc. for you to do one-stop shopping. In this festive month, you also have chances to win big prizes by registering the receipts online!

  • Rover Hot Spring Fine Cuisine Festival

    Rover Hot Spring Fine Cuisine Festival

    Extreme relaxing hot spring retreat!

    After a year of hard work, you should come for hot spring as a treat! The hot spring in Beiheng mountains is open-air where you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings at the same time. There are also fancy hot spring hotels that provide you private space. After some relaxing hot spring, let’s treat ourselves with good food to call it a day.

  • Taoyuan New Year’s Eve Celebration

    Taoyuan New Year’s Eve Celebration

    Year-end carnival for party animals!

    Merry Christmas! Are you sure it doesn’t snow in Taoyuan? It snows in Taoyuan Christmas Village, where you get to spend a beautiful romantic Christmas with lots of pictures taken! The following is the New Year concert where famous pop stars sing all night through. Just sing along to release your stress and welcome a new year with good energy.