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Taoyuan Tourism

Shopping Paradise in Taoyuan

Shopping Paradise in Taoyuan

A shopping paradise that offers everything you need

There are many large-scale shopping centers of over 3,000 square meters with various international brands. There are also comprehensive business districts where various local businesses abound. They are all located around the transportation hub. Combined with dining, accommodation, and leisure services, the shopping paradise named Taoyuan is born!

Large shopping centers

At the super malls, you can find various international brands. Easily accessible by multiple means of transportation, they offer many leisure functions including food, accommodation, and movies. You can shop to your heart's content and enjoy a leisurely time here!

Comprehensive business district

The bustling neighborhood brought store operators here. Integrating the cultures of various countries with the shop owners' ingenuity, from budget delicacies to boutiques – every consumer's needs can be met here!

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