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Taoyuan Dist. anchor

Taoyuan Dist.

Center of entertainment, fashion and LOHAS

Taoyuan Dist. Taoyuan Dist.
Taoyuan Dist. location map

Bus station shopping area, cultural center shopping area, night market, A.mart supermarket, departmental stores, cinema, 3C, delicacies and famous chain stores can all be found here. Annual major events, such as Taoyuan International ACG Fair, Iron Rose Music Festival, New Year Party, etc., in Taoyuan Arts Center are held in the most important recreational center of Taoyuan.

Hutoushan, a designated scenic area, is an important recreational place in Northern Taiwan, as well as a place for ecological education. One can enjoy the greeneries in the City as well as observing the forest ecosystem up-close. The nearby Taoyuan Martyrs' Shrine and Cultural Park houses Taiwan’s most well preserved Japanese shrine. It features a unique construction method and the old trees are decorated with hanging blessing amulets.

Recommended Attractions:

Taoyuan Tourist Night MarketHutou Mountain Park All-age-friendly Hiking TrailMartyrs' Shrine

Zhongli Dist. anchor

Zhongli Dist.

High speed rail station area that has plenty to offer

Zhongli Dist. Zhongli Dist.
Zhongli Dist. location map

Taoyuan’s High Speed Rail Station is located in Qingpu, Zhongli. The nearby recreational facilities include Gloria Outlets, Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium, Taiwan’s largest IKEA flagship store, Japan’s Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, and multi-purpose ecological park: Chintan Park. You can start a mini tour at the High Speed Rail Area once you alight from the train.

To enjoy street food, you should not miss Zhongyuan Night Market and Zhongping Road shopping area. Some of the local snacks include triangular vegetable buns, beef noodles, peanut candy, etc., and the creative cuisines, including grilled mocha, rose egg pancake, salty crispy chicken, imagawayaki, etc. Factory tours are suitable for family trips as you can learn more about famous brands such as HeySong, Yakult, etc., as well as enjoy the fun of making the products yourself. If you enjoy cultural tours, why not go to Mazu Village and get immersed in the nostalgic experience of the veterans village with shady old trees, black tiles and brick walls.

Recommended Attractions:

Taoyuan International Baseball StadiumChintan Park (Green Pond Park)Zhongli Tourist Night Market

Pingzhen Dist. anchor

Pingzhen Dist.

Town where Hakka, Yunan and Burma cultures coexist

Pingzhen Dist. Pingzhen Dist.
Pingzhen Dist. location map

Xie Residence Pond, Shuanglianpo Pond and the unique octagonal pond used to be farm ponds for irrigation in the past. Today, they are popular fishing and cycling areas. You can also visit Bogong Temple, red brick arch bridge, ancient battlefield, etc., along the way.

Pingzhen has a rich Yunnan-Burmese culture, and Zhongzhen shopping area offers local delicacies such as rice noodles, steamed buns, green bean jelly, etc. Going on a gourmet trip here will make you feel as if you were in the Golden Triangle. “Longgang Rice Noodle Festival” has been held here since 2011, where traditional Yunnan festivals are celebrated and cultural relics exhibition are held. These events attract over ten thousand visitors who want to experience exotic cultures every year.

Pingzhen Baozhong Temple, which has a history of more than two hundred years, enshrines Hakka hero Lord Yimin. On the seventh lunar month every year, a holy pig contest, releasing of water lamps, procession, etc., are held to thank the god.

Recommended Attractions:

Xinshi Park Zhongzhen MarketLaojie River Bike Path

Bade Dist. anchor

Bade Dist.

Scenic township featuring beautiful ponds

Bade Dist. Bade Dist.
Bade Dist. location map

The 5-hectare Bade Pond Ecological Park is an ideal place for learning about the pond, and the lake trail offers a picturesque view. The 2016 Taoyuan Land Art Festival was also held here.

The Republic of Chocolate is Asia’s first chocolate museum. Visitors can walk into the time gallery to make their own coco, savor the handmade wine candy, and create sweet travel memories.

Visit Taoyuan Children's Art Museum to experience the cool VR and AR. Immerse yourself in the vast universe and ever-changing nature, and enjoy the eye-opening experience.

Xingren Night Market features more than a hundred stores offering delicious delicacies ranging from mountain products through sea food, exotic cuisines to traditional snacks. You can also enjoy the air castle, carousel, mini-train and shopping. It is a popular night market for locals.

Recommended Attractions:

Bade Pond Ecology ParkRepublic of Chocolate (Hunya Food Co., Ltd)Xingren Night Market

Yangmei Dist. anchor

Yangmei Dist.

Hakka township known for fragrant tea and delicious pastries

Yangmei Dist. Yangmei Dist.
Yangmei Dist. location map

The majority of the population in Yangmei is Hakka people, and worshipping the God of the Earth is very common.

On the second day of the second lunar month, temples organize feasts to celebrate. Meanwhile, Yangmei’s local development and railway are closely related. Lu Jia Sheng House located in Fugang Old Street features a gorgeous Baroque-style building, evidence of its past glory. Yangmei is a hilly place and the “Scholar Tea” it produces has a rich taste and unique aroma. If you walk along the Scholar Trail, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful view of the tea plantation. The century-old pastry store, Kuo Yuan Ye, has set up a Museum of Cake and Pastry in Yangmei. Besides getting to know the pastry culture, you can also enjoy the fun of making and savoring the pastries and tea.

Recommended Attractions:

Kuo Yuan Ye Museum of Cake and PastryArwin Charisma Museum Tourist FactoryFugang Old Street

Daxi Dist. anchor

Daxi Dist.

Slow-paced century-old city with beautiful natural scenery

Daxi Dist. Daxi Dist.
Daxi Dist. location map

Daxi is named after Dahan Creek, which is closely related to Daxi’s local development. Not only is the magnificent Shimen Reservoir an important reservoir in Northern Taiwan, but its neighboring Ginger Island and hiking trail are also popular spots for viewing the lake and maple trees. Shimen live fish has become a local signature dish; it has evolved from the initial “three cooking methods” to today’s hundred ways of cooking, including sweet and sour, fried, black bean sauce, fish soup, etc., to satisfy your gourmet palate.

Daxi was a thriving trading center in the early days. Baroque-style shop houses can be seen on the old street, with flamboyant carved beams and painted pillars, evidence of its past glory. Daxi has many cultural attractions, including: Taoyuan’s only national monument, Lee Teng-fan's Ancient Residence, along with Zhai Ming Temple (Municipal monument), Lianzuoshan Guanyin Temple, Zhongzheng Park, Wood Art Ecomuseum, and The Culture Park of the Chiangs.

Recommended Attractions:

Shihmen ReservoirDaxi Old StreetCihu Mausoleum

Luzhu Dist. anchor

Luzhu Dist.

Hiking trails that give a spectacular city view

Luzhu Dist. Luzhu Dist.
Luzhu Dist. location map

Luzhu’s Wujiutongshan Trail, Yangchoukeng Trail and Dagu Mountain Trail attract many hikers during the holidays.

Swallowtail butterflies, squirrels and stag beetles can be seen shuttling through the Common Free Ferm, Oil Tung and Taiwan Acacia along Wujiutongshan Trail. From late spring to early summer, and from September to October, you can spot eagles in Dagu Mountain. In spite of its low altitude, you can still enjoy a vast view and overlook the High Speed Rail, airport and even Taiwan Strait, as it is not blocked by high mountains.

The Luzhu mountainous area has plenty of restaurants that offer a nice view. There, you can see aircraft taking off and landing during the day, and enjoy a romantic night view. Zhu Feng Tea manufactured by century-old Qui Tea Plantation in Maoweiqi region has won multiple excellence awards over the years. Its signature tea is the very enjoyable Acacia charcoal roasted tea, which has a refreshing tea aroma and nostalgic taste from charcoal roasting.

Recommended Attractions:

Wujiutongshan FootpathI-MEI Foods Apprentices Training Center (Tourism Factory)

Dayuan Dist. anchor

Dayuan Dist.

Foreign visitors’ first stop in Taiwan

Dayuan Dist. Dayuan Dist.
Dayuan Dist. location map

At Dayuan, where Taoyuan International Airport is located, you can watch aircraft taking off and landing from a short distance, and experience the rumbling sound of the aircraft.

The neighboring Xihai Flower Garden Zone hosts the colorful Calla Lilly Festival in the early spring every year, attracting thousands of visitors to experience the joy of being surrounded by the colorful calla lilies. There are many farms in the park where visitors can try gardening on their own. Zhuwei Fishing Port is the place to enjoy some great seafood, as it offers the freshest and best-value seafood.

After a great meal, take a stroll on the Rainbow Bridge and enjoy the sea breeze and evening view, drawing a perfect ending to your journey. Head southwards along the coastline after Zhuwei Fishing Port to the national wetland: Xucuogang Wetlands, to see the most primitive coastal ecosystem. It attracts many bird watchers in the late autumn and early summer to catch a glimpse of migratory birds such as black-faced spoonbill, Little tern, etc.

Recommended Attractions:

Zhuwei Fishing HarborXihai Flower Garden ZoneXucuogang Wetland

Guishan Dist. anchor

Guishan Dist.

One-stop experience touring military dependents’ village and tourism factory

Guishan Dist. Guishan Dist.
Guishan Dist. location map

Sianguang 2nd Village is Taoyuan’s only veterans village. It has, to this day, the most well preserved veterans village houses filled with a rich nostalgic atmosphere. TV series “Time Story” was shot here. Documentaries are played in the neighboring story house, and “Story Box” is set up for visitors to experience the warmth of the veterans village. Guishan’s two major tourism factories: Taoyuan Sake Brewery and Namchow Recreational Factory enable visitors to try their hands at making popular products such as salted rice malt, sake soap, honey toast and small steamed buns.

Have some tea and take a rest under the century old maple tree at Taoyuan’s very own Mr. Brown Boulevard in Maple Tree Village. Here, you can enjoy the green paddy fields, white Silver Grass and Tung flowers. Every spring, Shoushanyan Guanyin Temple is decorated with Yoshino Cherry blossoms, adding a touch of beauty to the solemn temples.

Recommended Attractions:

Taoyuan Sake Brewery Namchow Recreational FactoryFengshukeng (Maple Tree Village)

Xinwu Dist. anchor

Xinwu Dist.

Marine museum of thousand-year-old ocean landscape

Xinwu Dist. Xinwu Dist.
Xinwu Dist. location map

Precious thousand-year-old algal reefs can be found at the coast of Xinwu. You can spot various types of marine life from the algal reef holes of various sizes, and its animal density is five times that of Gaomei Wetland, resembling a natural marine ecology museum.

The wisdom of the ancestors can be seen from Taiwan’s largest century-old stone weirs, where it makes use of the rise and fall of tides for catching fish.

The intertidal ecosystem on the stone embankment is another tourist spot, and the popular check-in location, Yongan Rainbow Bridge, is decorated with dazzling light sculpture during the night. The nearby Green Corridor is flat and smooth, rendering it a popular cycling track. The scenic track is dotted with greenery such as beefwood, Hibiscus tiliaceus, etc., and you can see the rotating windmill at the far end. City monument Fanjiang Old Residence retains the architectural style of traditional Hakka courtyard, such as swallowtail roof, brick carving, stone carving, etc.

Recommended Attractions:

Xinwu green tunnelYongan Fishing HarborXinwu Century-old Stone Weirs

Guanyin Dist. anchor

Guanyin Dist.

The most dominant lotus cultivation area in Northern Taiwan

Guanyin Dist. Guanyin Dist.
Guanyin Dist. location map

Every summer, the blooming lotuses decorate the landscape of the lotus field. You can visit a farm and sit on a big lotus to experience floating on water, enjoy a lotus meal and experience the laid back atmosphere only to be found in the countryside.

The 8.1 km Caolei Sand Dune along Guanyin coast has a magnificent rugged terrain with a maximum altitude of 15 meters. Standing on the highest spot of the sand dune, you can enjoy a tranquil and scenic view overlooking the rotating white windmills.

Listed as one of Taiwan’s top 100 historical buildings, Baishajia Lighthouse is the most well preserved lighthouse from the Japanese colonial period. It is also Taiwan’s only lighthouse built with red bricks and rocks. Besides the lighthouse, the sundial and Machinery Bureau’s clock are also popular attractions. The courtyard’s century-old Chinaberry trees, Mediterranean bell tower square and arch bridge for pedestrians are also favorite photo stops.

Recommended Attractions:

Baishajia LighthouseLotus Farm RanchGuanyin Coastal Recreation Area (Windmill View)

Fuxing Dist. anchor

Fuxing Dist.

Aboriginal town home to sacred trees and indigenous people

Fuxing Dist. Fuxing Dist.
Fuxing Dist. location map

With its 22 giant trees ranging from 500 to 3,000 years old, Lala Mountain ancient trees enjoy a reputation equal to that of Alishan’s ancient trees. The towering cypress trees create an impressive and magnificent view.

At Fuxing, you must participate in an adventurous activity: river tracing at Yunei Creek, bungee jumping at Lala Mountain, exploring the military tunnel, or taking part in a forest marathon. Go challenge your limit while basking in the scenic view.

Enjoying the delicious village delicacies is also a good way to experience the tribal culture. You must also not miss the tribal delicacies, e.g. grilled wild boar, banana rice, bamboo rice, etc. Some highly recommended village souvenirs include highland fruits and vegetation like peach, sweet persimmon, mushroom, etc. Yixing Suspension Bridge, a filming spot of the movie, “Seediq Bale,” Taiwan’s longest Xikou Suspension Bridge, Taiwan’s oldest steel bridge Fuxing Bridge are all highly recommended places to enjoy the view of Dahan Creek.

Recommended Attractions:

Lala Mountain Nature Protection ZoneXiao Wulai Scenic AreaNew Xikou Suspension Bridge

Longtan Dist. anchor

Longtan Dist.

Hakka village full of fragrant tea

Longtan Dist. Longtan Dist.
Longtan Dist. location map

Longtan is suitable for planting tea trees due to its geology and climate. Hence, tea plantations are very popular here, especially in Gaoyuan Village and Sanshui Village. The famous tea brand, TeaKing, uses tea manufactured in Longtan as the main source of tea leaves for its Japanese green tea. Visitors can experience tea-leaf picking and tea manufacturing, and enjoy Taiwan’s famous Longquan Pongfeng tea.

Famous landmarks including Longtan Tourist Pond, water slide, riverbank trail, and Yongyi Bridge, all offer a cozy environment surrounded by water. From the 390 meter high Rugu Mountain, you can overlook Guanyin, Zhongli and Linkou, and even Taipei 101, and enjoy the scenic view decorated with the City lights. The century-old Sankeng Old Street retains the characteristics of Hakka houses, such as sidewalk, washing area, etc. Trying the Hakka green cake, Hakka Mochi and kumquat sauce along the old Street is another way of experiencing Hakka culture.

Recommended Attractions:

Sankeng Eco ParkLongtan Large Tourist PondTaoyuan Hakka Culture Hall