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Taoyuan is a multi-cultural city with Hakka, Minnan, military dependents' villages, new immigrants and indigenous cultures;do you know what the must-have cuisine and what the must-buy is in Taoyuan? Turn on your Gourmet Radar and eat all over Taoyuan!

Hakka Flavor

Hakka Flavor

Yangmei, Longtan, Zhongli, Xinwu, Pingjen, Daxi

  • Duck and Goose

    Duck and Goose

    Gourmet meat lovers

    What to order in a Hakka restaurant? How about a plate of duck and goose? Its sweet and juicy texture without much sauce makes every bite surprising! The authentic Hakka cuisines including Pickled Cabbage Duck, Braised duck slices with wine sauce, White Cut Goose, Goose intestines with leek soup…all the dishes go very well with white rice!

  • Hakka Flavor

    Hakka Flavor

    Healthy and traditional yet innovative

    If you don’t have big enough stomach, don’t challenge! Hakka fried shredded pork with cuttlefish, Stir-fried Pork Intestine with Shredded Ginger, Braised Pork with Preserved Vegetables, and salted pork…that combine sour and salty Hakka flavors, stimulate your taste buds so much that you can’t stop eating! Followed healthy food trend, less salt and less oil is used in Hakka cuisines but instead Chinese medicine and vegetables are applied, which allows you to eat healthy and tasty!

    (Source:Department of Hakka Affairs)

  • Hakka Vegetable Bun

    Hakka Vegetable Bun

    Fillings of traditional goodies

    Hakka vegetable bun is made of sticky rice and steamed on pomelo leaves. As soon as you take a bite, you can tell the chewy texture and fresh smell from regular pork buns. The fillings are shredded radish, stir-fried pork with garlic stems, mushrooms and dried sea shrimps, which mix the fresh sweetness and the tasty saltiness. It is the must-have Hakka dish for all the festivals.

Yunnan-Myanmar cuisine

Yunnan-Myanmar cuisine

Zhongli, Pingjen, Bade

  • Rice noodles and vermicelli

    Rice noodles and vermicelli

    Handmade from pure rice

    The chewy slippery texture represents the handmade rice delicacy! The soup is braised with porkchop. Half-cooked eggs, sliced pork, and pork livers go very well with the soup. Vermicelli salad is the first choice of summer appetizer. Shredded carrots, bean sprouts, corianders and its sour, spicy, salty and sweet layers of sauces, makes you an unforgettable meal!

  • Pea Flour

    Pea Flour

    Delicious both as a cold dish and deep-fried

    It is not flour but jelly! The green peasemeal has special texture and when it’s topped with sesame, peanut, shredded carrot and cucumber, plus the homemade sauce, the mild spice and refreshing taste makes you hungrier! You can also have–deep-fried peasemeal that makes you chew the crispy and soft double textures non-stopping!

Seafood Buffet

Seafood Buffet

Dayuan, Guanyin, Xinwu, Longtan, Daxi

  • Fresh from the ocean

    Fresh from the ocean

    Reward yourself with the quality ingredients

    Being in Yongan Fish Harbor or Zhuwei Fish Harbor, you need not worry about spending money on bad stuff. Fish, shrimp, crabs or shellfish are fresh in the season! Steaming, baking, stir-frying, or grilling is as good as what you get from the fancy restaurants. Don’t forget to bring some home. All the seafood is so fresh here that you can cook like a chef easily.

  • Shihmen Fish

    Shihmen Fish

    Various ways to eat one fish

    Visiting Shihmen Dam without trying the fish cuisines would be a shame! Grass carps, bighead carps, black carps are deep-sea fish, which are fat without many bones or fishy taste. The local restaurants have created 3 ways of cooking to hundreds, including sweet and sour, deep-fried, chilly bean sauced, fish soup, and braised! Go to the Fish Street, and you will come back with a big satisfying belly.

    (Source: Department of Hakka Affairs)

Indigenous Flavor

Indigenous Flavor


  • Persimmons

    Peach and Persimmons

    High altitude seasonal fruit

    Big juicy peaches and crunchy sweet persimmons are the fruit that you must have when visiting Fuxing. Eating the fruit itself is good enough but you can also cook with them. Fruit smoothies, cakes, cocktails, tea…are amazing too. If you miss any of them, please come back next year.

  • Wood mushrooms

    Wood mushrooms and Green bamboo shoots

    Aromatic, fresh and original

    Scarce wood mushrooms are grown in the middle to high altitude mountains. The thick juicy mushrooms are national-level cuisine ingredients. Simple stir-frying or cooking in the soup is the trick. The green bamboo shoots have fine fiber. They are crunchy and sweet so Hakka Style Braised Bamboo Shoots, Green Bamboo Shoot Chicken Soup, and Bamboo Shoot Steamed Pork Chops will need them!

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