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Factory Tours

Transformation to a fun and exciting destination

Thanks to the efforts of the government of Taoyuan City and many local companies. Taoyuan has 32 fun-filled tourism factories, more than any other Taiwanese cities or counties. Tourism factories bring fun and excitement to the visitor like an amusement park does. They also bring consumers closer to companies, and are effective marketing tools that benefit the local economy.

Factory Tours

Factory Tours

International Highlights

After years of consultation efforts, tourism factories and industrial culture centers certified by the Bureau of Industry's and the City are the best in Taiwan both in quantity and quality., Kuo Yuan Ye, Taoyuan Distillery, and Republic of Chocolate have won Outstanding Tourism Factory awards, while Kuo Yuan Ye and Republic of Chocolate were also recipients of the "Tourism Factory International Highlight" awards.

DIY Experiences

As you visit Taoyuan's tourism factories, you'll discover that each factory offers unique content relevant to its industry, allowing you to appreciate the production process, enjoy artifact exhibits, or even join in yourself. Through watching the production process and joining in on a DIY experience, you become part of the creative process. It is an emotional reminder of the local cultural characteristics that created Taoyuan's miracle. Children and adults alike are welcome to pay a visit to these tourism factories and immerse yourself in experience with visual appreciations, delicious food and lots of fun.


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