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Shihmen Reservoir tour

Shihmen Reservoir a different side of beauty in all seasons

Situated at the midstream of Dahan River, Shihmen Reservoir is not just a water reserve but a lovely outing destination featuring varied sceneries throughout the year. There is a lakeside trail along the northern embankment that allows cars and bikes. The lakeside scenery against the mountainous backdrop feels very European, making it one of highly praised tourist attractions in Taoyuan.
Most visitors to the reservoir drive for the convenience. Nonetheless, visitors are also encouraged to take the bus and go on a low-carbon trip.

Exclusive features of the reservoir that you must not miss

Exclusive features of the reservoir that you must not miss

  • Flood Discharge from Shihmen Dam

    Flood Discharge from Shihmen Dam

    Shihmen Dam is where most visitors gather especially during monsoon season. The observation deck on top of the dam gives a spectacular view of the spillway.

    If you happen to visit Shihmen Reservoir when there is a flood discharge, you must not miss out on the majestic scene.

  • Best photo locations

    Best photo locations

    The most beautiful scenery at Shihmen Reservoir is the S-shaped road built above the water which splits the dam into two. One side presents the flourishing scenery of the mountain and water, whereas the other side is the majestic spillway. This is the most recommended photo location that appears conflicting yet harmonious when captured in a frame.

  • Best way to tour the reservoir

    Best way to tour the reservoir

    The best way to tour around Shihmen Reservoir starts with boarding a boat at Shihmen Dam Wharf or Amuping Wharf. The boat will take visitors on a tour along the circuitous waterway to Luzhu Bay, Shixui Bay Waterfall and other tourist attractions. The magnificent canyon and river course resemble that of the Three Gorges of Chang Jiang.

Best activities to participate in

Best activities to participate in

  • Shihmen Fish Festival

    Shihmen Fish Festival

    The fresh water in Shihmen Reservoir not only provides for household water use but also nurtures a variety of freshwater fish. Restaurants in the area are known for their fish recipes and culinary specialties respectively. Gradually, Shihmen Fish Festival came along as a unique annual local event.

    Shihmen Fish Festival features not only signature fish dishes that the chefs pride themselves on. It also features fun traveling itineraries, promotional discounts, a vote on delicious dishes and a lucky draw.


    Date: Around September to November tentatively. Specific dates will be announced.

  • Maple Half Marathon

    Maple Half Marathon

    The winter-limited Maple Half Marathon is an annual event highly anticipated by runners all across the country. The course features colorful scenery of maple trees on both sides. The unique winter scenery of Shihmen Reservoir via the lakeside trail is also a major attraction of the run.

    Maple Half-Marathon is not exclusive to marathon runners. It also offers shorter courses suitable for beginners and common participants. The event encourages runners of all ages to challenge themselves while enjoying the beautiful lakeside scenery and maple leaves.


    Date: Around December tentatively. Specific dates will be announced.

Best dishes to try in Shihmen Reservoir

Best dishes to try in Shihmen Reservoir

When it comes to local delicacies, the first thing that comes to mind is Shihmen fresh fish that is cooked in a variety of ways. The grass carp, bighead carp and other freshly caught freshwater fish are turned into mouth-watering fish dishes like sweet and sour fish tails, salt and pepper fish, steamed fish, etc.

  • The fresh-fish-restaurant-street

    The fresh-fish-restaurant-street

    The nutrients in the water of Shihmen Reservoir nurtures good quality freshwater fish that appeals to gourmets. Most of the fish restaurants are located on Wenhua Road and Sankeng Section of Zhongzheng Road, so the area is known as the fresh-fish-restaurant-street of Shihmen.

  • How to order

    How to order

    Upon arriving at the fresh fish restaurant, customers will be asked to pick a live fish from the tank. The chef will suggest how to cook the chosen fish based on the species and weight. The customers can also directly order from the menu and enjoy a delicious feast.

    Recommended dishes:

    Salt and pepper dish, sweet and sour fish tails, fish head casserole, Matsusaka fish, a three-dish set cooked with one fish.

  • Are fresh fish dishes suitable for a party of one or two?

    Are fresh fish dishes suitable for a party of one or two?

    The fresh fish restaurants generally offer set menus for groups or families. If you’re traveling alone or with only a few companions, some restaurants do offer set meals for a party of two, three or four.

Flower blossom viewing information

Flower blossom viewing information

The scenic Shihmen Reservoir has a lot to offer. The scenery changes throughout the year. Here are the distinctive views at Shihmen Reservoir throughout the year.

  • Taiwan Cherry Blossom

    Taiwan Cherry Blossom

    Best time for viewing:

    February to March

    Where to find?

    Xizhou Park, Northern Region Water Resources Office, Shihmen Dam

    Source: Northern Region Water Resources Office

  • Fringe Tree Blossom

    Fringe Tree Blossom

    Best time for viewing:

    March to April

    Where to find?

    Shihmen Grand Lawn

  • Cassia Fistula (golden rain tree)

    Cassia Fistula (golden rain tree)

    Best time for viewing:

    May to June

    Where to find ?

    Nanyuan Ecological Park

  • Autumn Maple

    Autumn Maple

    Best time for viewing:

    November to December

    Where to find ?

    Gaoxian Highway, Maple Garden, Maple Forest Trail

  • Winter Plum Blossom

    Winter Plum Blossom

    Best time for viewing:

    November to January

    Where to find?

    Maple Park, Xizhou Park, Maple Tree Forest Trail

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