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Taoyuan Tourism

Plan your trip

Plan your trip

Key information about immigration

Key information about immigration

  • Districts of Taoyuan

    Covid restrictions

    When entering or leaving the country, you need to follow Taiwan's disease control guidelines. The latest epidemic prevention measures are announced on the website of Taiwan Centers for Disease Control.

  • Passport


    You need to have a valid passport when entering and exiting Taiwan, and your passport must have at least 6 months of validity remaining at arrival.

  • Visa


    Except for the countries eligible for visa exemption, a visa is required when you visit Taiwan. Visitors from Hong Kong and Macau must apply for a Taiwan entry permit. Mainland Chinese tourists must hold a Taiwan travel permit for mainland residents valid for another 6 months, a Taiwan entry & exit permit, and a return flight/ferry ticket. For more information, please refer to National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior.

  • Restricted items

    Restricted items

    Passengers are prohibited to bring meat, food containing meat, fresh fruit and vegetables into Taiwan. The maximum amount of cash that each passenger may bring into Taiwan is NT$100,000 or US$10,000.

Life and Consumption

Life and Consumption

  • Time zone

    Time zone


  • Travel seasons

    Travel seasons

    There are tourist activities in Taoyuan all year round. There is the cherry blossom season in spring, Northern Cross-Island Highway Adventure in summer, maple viewing in autumn, and New Year’s Eve concert and plum blossom season in winter.

  • Currency


    Taiwan’s unit of currency is the New Taiwan Dollar (NT$). Currency exchange is available at banks in the airport. Frequently used notes are NT$1000, NT$500, and NT$100. Frequently used coins are NT$50, NT$10, NT$5 and NT$1.

  • Tax refund

    Tax refund

    The price of item purchased in Taiwan includes a 5% tax. Foreign visitors, who spend NT$ 2,000 or more on goods at one single authorized TRS-labeled store on the same day, are eligible to request for the tax refund form from the shop assistant.

  • Tipping and service fee

    Tipping and service fee

    Tipping is generally not accepted in Taiwan. Some restaurants add a 10% service fee in the bill.

  • Power outlet

    Power outlet

    The common voltage used in Taiwan is 110V or 220V. Both two-pin and three-pin sockets are used. Foreign visitors are advised to bring a power plug adapter just in case.

  • Wi-Fi


    Free public Wi-Fi is available in some areas. After switching on Wi-Fi on your device, select "iTaiwan" and follow the instructions to set up your connection.

  • Important phone numbers to know

    Important phone numbers to know

    • Fire and ambulance: 119
    • Police: 110
    • Emergency helpline: 112
    • Country code: +886
    • Area code: 03
    • Travel inquiry hotline of the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications: +886-2-2717-3737
  • Smoking prohibition in public areas

    Smoking prohibition in public areas

    Smoking is prohibited in all public areas in Taiwan. Some public places and stores have designated smoking areas.

  • Important phone numbers to know

    Information Station / Tourist Center

    Tourist centers or stores with a yellow sign that has an “i” on it offer free travel brochures in many languages. Visitors can also inquire the staff about fun places to visit.

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