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Taoyuan Tourism

Night market and business districts Banner

Night market and business districts

Your best guide for fun of Taoyuan

Unforgettable night market delicacies, featured business districts, exotic and traditional cuisine. Follow us to learn about Taoyuan's traditional culture, beliefs, and temples. Experience the nostalgic lifestyle of Taoyuan.

Four major night markets of Taoyuan

aking you to all the delicacies

Night markets represent an important part of Taiwanese culture. The four major tourist night markets of Taoyuan are well known for the delicious food. In addition, there are stalls selling fashionable clothes and accessories. They are a one-stop solution to all your shopping needs.

Comprehensive business districts

A combination of emerging business districts, high-end gourmet restaurants, and department stores

Young people's favorite

The latest trends and budget gourmet can be found at Zhongyuan and Zhongping Business Districts

Traditional business districts

The unique old street vibes of Taoyuan

Indigenous cuisine and exotic culture in Taoyuan

Indulge in the strong Atayal flavors of Jiaobanshan Business District and the Yunnan culture of Enchanted Golden Triangle Business District

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