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Jiaobanshan Commercial District(角板山形象商圈)


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Wednesday: 09:30 – 17:00
How can you not try out local cuisines when visiting the tribe, or leave empty-handed after visiting Jiabanshan? Jiabanshan Commercial District comprises of the area between Zhongzhen Road, Zhognxiao Road and Zhongshan Road. Aboriginal cuisines like fried creek shrimp, boiled free-range chicken and Maqau sausage are all must-try.  There are also various restaurants of your choice. Don’t forget to bring home seasonal souvenirs like peaches, green bamboo shoots and mushrooms.
Where to find authentic Atayal cuisines? Jiaobanshan Commercial District is the place! Using local ingredients from Fuxing District, restaurants offer aboriginal cuisines like seared trout, stir-fried bird’s nest fern, bamboo rice and roasted boar meat. The flavor of these perfectly cooked and seasoned dishes will for sure be imprinted in the minds of those who have tasted them. Additionally, the exquisite Hakka cuisine is also a signature. Stir-fried Jew’s ear, sautéed creek shrimp with scallion, basil pale chub and stir-fried pig intestines with ginger are absolutely delicious and reasonably priced. You can also find exotic cuisines like gratin fish fillet, Mediterranean style grilled fish, thyme chicken thigh and German Pork Knuckle.
Street food is another essential. During summertime, a peach smoothie made with an entire peach and milk is the best way to cope with the heat! Bringing home a box of peaches is also something you must do. Millet wine is a special aboriginal product. Traditional method is used in producing a brisk taste of sweetness that is smooth without the burning sensation of alcohol. It is even widely favored by females. Other agricultural produces like green bamboo shoots, mushrooms, orange day-lily and anoectochilus are also valuable souvenirs.



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