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16 FAQs

  • The Xiaowulai Route bound for Skywalk, starting from April 6, 2014, travels between Taoyuan and Xiaowulai on weekends and holidays only, 18 buses each day.
    Service Hours: Weekends and national holidays only.
    Departures from Taoyuan Bus Taoyuan Station 08:30-13:30; Return departures from Xiaowulai Station 10:30-17:10. For all details, please visit the Taoyuan Travel website/ Transportation/ Taiwan Trip-Xiaowulai Route.
    Departure Location: Taoyuan Bus Taoyuan Station (Rear exit of TRA Taoyuan Station: No.28, Yanping Rd., Taoyuan Dist.) You can catch the bus at every stop along the route and buy tickets from the driver.
    Fare: One-day pass is NT$150. Visitors can also purchase one-way tickets to a range of tourist attractions and arrange their own itinerary. The first 8 kilometers of each ride is charged for NT$18. For further transport exceeding 8 kilometers, each kilometer is charged for NT$2.58 (total fare to be rounded).
  • There are three routes of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle operated in Taoyuan. For details, please visit the Taoyuan Travel website/Transportation/Taiwan Trip, or visit the official website of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle (
  • Regular ticket: NTD 50.
    Group ticket: NT$40, 20% discount for groups of 40 or more individuals.
  • The water play area of Xiaowulai is open to the public during peak season (June to September). Most regions of Xiaowulai Scenic Resort are free of charge, but visitors need to buy tickets to visit 1) the Skywalk, 2) the Sky Rope Bridge and 3) the water play area from June to September (all three included in the ticket price). Each visitor holding a ticket valid for the date is allowed to receive a single entry permit to the Skywalk and the Sky Rope Bridge respectively, but unlimited access to the water play area. The three regions are closed every Tuesday. If a national holiday falls on a Tuesday, it will be postponed to the following week day.
    Ticket prices: Regular ticket-NTD 50, Discount ticket-NTD 30, Group ticket-NTD 40 (20% discount for groups of 40 or more individuals, discount tickets are not included)
  • To track current and upcoming weather/traffic conditions in Lala Mountain, please contact our staff members and night workers at Lala Mountain Tourist Center.
    There are two security guards on-site and a basic medical box available in case health emergencies and natural disasters occur. According to the actual situations, on-site workers will offer help based on the "Lala Mountain Travel Emergency Response Plan."
    Also, you can visit the YouTube channel "Taoyuan Travel" ( to see the real-time high-definition images before you travel to your destination!
  • Time of the guard-changing ceremony:
    Daxi Mausoleum: 09:00, 09:30, 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 13:30, 14:30, 15:30, 16:45 (final).
    Cihu Mausoleum: 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 16:45 (final).
  • Please visit Cihu Guide Service Station for on-site registration, or call the tourist center (03-3889554)to know the on-site ticket availability.
  • Regular ticket: NTD 100
    Group ticket: NT$80, 20% discount for groups of 40 or more individuals.
  • 1. The Department of Tourism of Taoyuan City Government occasionally publishes free brochures and information pamphlets that cover a wide range of tourism topics.
    2. Where are these publications available?
    (1) Visitor Information Centers at TRA Taoyuan Station, TRA Zhongli Station, HSR Taoyuan Station and all Taoyuan Airport MRT stations.
    (2) Hotels, guesthouses and information centers in Taoyuan.
    (3) Department of Tourism, Taoyuan City Government
  • Guided night tours given by Taoyuan City Scenic Area Service Agency are available at the Back Cihu. The activity has received positive responses and will continue thereafter. Visitors who are interested in firefly-watching can join us in the firefly season. For full details, please visit the Taoyuan City Scenic Area Service Agency website (