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Travel! Touring Taoyuan with Airport MRT

Touring Taoyuan with Airport MRT

After the opening of the fast and convenient airport MRT, visitors have more choices.

They no longer need to wait for flights at the airport; instead, they can enjoy a stress-free half-day or one-day trip using the Airport MRT or Taiwan Tourist Shuttle based on the transit time.

Half-day tour – The fun of shopping

Half-day tour – The fun of shopping Tour suitable for transit time within 5 hours

Recommended Itinerary:A11- Tai Mall or A18- Gloria Outlets or A19 - Chintan Park (Green Pond Park)

For visitors who only have 5 hours in Taoyuan, it is suitable to have a relaxed tour to attractions near the Airport MRT. Enjoying the fun of shopping at the shopping mall or even taking a stroll at Chintan Park (Green Pond Park), the Maple Garden of Taoyuan, it is a great choice!

  • Tai Mall

    Tai Mall

    With an appearance resembling that of a European castle, Tai Mall has a large outdoor garden, IMAX cinema, internationally renowned brands, and delicacies. Not only is it a great location for shopping and hanging about with children, but it is also the main filming site for the Taiwanese drama “Office Girls”. The large and comfortable shopping environment, as well as the eye-catching appearance, attracts many visitors to shop and take pictures.

    Traffic Information:

    After alighting at Airport MRT A11 Kengkou Station, take GR bus to Tai Mall station; the ride is about 20 minutes.

  • Gloria Outlets

    Gloria Outlets

    Located near Taoyuan THSR Station and Airport MRT A18 Station, Gloria Outlets is the first American style outdoor outlet in Taiwan. Not only does it have comprehensive family-friendly facilities, themed restaurants for children and over a hundred internationally renowned brands, but the area is also decorated according to festivals. It has become a great place for locals or visitors to shop and take photos. If you are tired of shopping, you can choose from selected delicacies such as Taiwanese snacks, American burgers and Japanese ramen.

    Traffic Information:

    1.After leaving Exit 2 of Airport MRT A18 Taoyuan THSR Station, walk for about a minute through the bridge.
    2.Leave from Exit 6 of Taoyuan THSR Station; Gloria Outlets is opposite to the exit.

  • Chintan Park (Green Pond Park)

    Chintan Park (Green Pond Park)

    Chintan Park (Green Pond Park) has rich natural ecology, a clear pond, and a wide grass field, which is a great spot for Taoyuan citizens to picnic, stroll or exercise. Not only can visitors observe water plants close-up and enjoy the scenery at Chintan Park (Green Pond Park), but they can also take pictures with interesting large installation art or have afternoon tea at restaurants nearby and enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

    Traffic Information:

    After leaving Airport MRT A19 Taoyuan Sports Park Station, walk for about 10 minutes.

One-day trip – tourism factory and old street

One-day trip – tourism factory and old street Suitable for a stay of 5-8 hours

Recommended Itinerary:A8- Taoyuan Sake Brewery or A11 - I-MEI Foods Apprentices Training Center (Tourism Factory)or Daxi Old Street or Zhongping Road Story House

The visitors, who have 5-8 hours in Taoyuan, can use Airport MRT along with the bus and Taiwan Tourism Shuttle to travel to further attractions. These excellent experiences include but are not limited to tasting sake produced by Taoyuan Sake Brewery, experiencing the charms of history by strolling down Daxi Old Street and understanding the life stories of Taoyuan residents during Japanese rule period.

  • Taoyuan Sake Brewery

    Taoyuan Sake Brewery

    The large sake bottle model at the entrance often attracts visitors’ attention. Taoyuan Sake Brewery is the brewery with the largest yield in Northern Taiwan and is the only Japanese sake brewery in Taiwan. Its signature is “Taiwan Sake”. In addition to understanding the history of sake brewing, tasting different liquor and purchasing sake kasu masks, the brewery has group DIY lessons. Everyone always enjoys making shio koji or sake kasu soaps.

    Nearby Attractions: Global Mall A8

    Traffic Information:

    After leaving Exit 1 of Airport MRT A8 Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Station, walk for about 10 minutes along Wenhua Road.

  • I-MEI Foods Apprentices Training Center (Tourism Factory)

    I-MEI Foods Apprentices Training Center (Tourism Factory)

    I-MEI is one of the most well-known pastry companies in Taiwan. One can see various classic I-MEI snacks, including little puffs, soda crackers, wafer rolls in all supermarkets and convenience stores. The little puffs are also a common childhood memory for all Taiwanese! In addition to observing the manufacturing tools for snacks and food, and purchasing delicious snacks, visitors to I-MEI Tourism Factory must try the DIY experience. By making a reservation 4 days beforehand, you can experience the joy and satisfaction of making pastries.

    Traffic Information:

    After leaving Airport MRT A11 Kengkou Station, take GR Bus for half an hour to Xizhou Station and walk for 10 minutes.

  • Daxi Old Street

    Daxi Old Street

    On the century-old Daxi Old Street, one can easily observe the merging patterns from traditional Fukien decoration into Baroque style housing, forming the unique atmosphere in Daxi. On top of strolling through the old street, tasting dried tofu and playing spinning top, one can also visit the elegant Daxi Wude Temple, interesting Daxi Wood Art Eco-Museum and experience Daxi history and the past glory of the wood industry, thereby understanding Daxi culture.

    Nearby Attractions:

    Daxi Bridge Xinan Old Street Daxi Wood Art Ecomuseum

    Daxi Wood Art Eco-Museum – Wude Temple

    Traffic Information:

    After leaving Airport MRT A18 Taoyuan THSR Station, take the Daxi Express of Taiwan Tourism Shuttle to Xinjiewei (Heping Old Street)


  • Zhongping Road Story House

    Zhongping Road Story House

    Hidden in central Zhongli, Zhong Ping Story House is a Japanese style semi-detached house full of history. Every corner of the house has its history, such as the stove used to cook delicious dishes, the coal in the cellar, the lives of pig farmers, and the memory of cooling watermelon in the well behind the house. Visitors can imagine the lives of residents during the Japanese rule period through an interesting explanation by the guides to understand the stories behind the house.


    There are luggage lockers in Airport MRT A21 Station. The lockers are near the automated ticketing machine and charges every three hours.

    Traffic Information:

    1.After leaving Airport MRT A21 Huanbei Station, take Bus 170 to Zhongyang East Road (Central Park) station and walk for 3 minutes.
    2.After leaving Airport MRT A21 Huanbei Station, rent YouBike at the exit and ride for 15-20 minutes.
    3.Take the train to Zhongli Train Station and walk for 5 minutes.