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Travel tips for Taoyuan

Northern Cross-Island Highway Adventure

From mountains to the river valleys, great adventures await.

Thrilling adventures on the Northern Cross-Island Highway

Venture into the mountains and forests to challenge yourself

  • Bungee jumping

    From Baling Bridge and Fuxing Bridge of the Northern Cross-Island Highway, you can challenge yourself by Bungee jumping off the bridges that are 43 and 32 meters high. Feel the cool valley breeze, scream your lungs out, and feel the thrill. Try bungee jumping if you are looking for something thrilling at Northern Cross-Island Highway!

    ※ Important notice:
    • Before participating, please carefully consider your health and physical abilities. Always choose a licensed operator.
  • River trekking

    Dreaming of visiting the secluded spot in the mountains? Try the Northern Cross-Island Highway river trekking adventure! There are a variety of routes to choose from. The simple, short-distance route has a natural water slide that grownups and children all enjoy. The long-distance routes will take you straight to the rapids. You will get to swim across deep pools and visit dreamlike waterfalls and river valleys.

    ※ Important notice:
    • You must apply for a permit in advance for river trekking. Please allow enough time for the application. Choose a licensed professional coach to take your group.
  • Mountaineering and hiking

    Lala Mountain National Forest Recreation Area is a fully preserved 75-hectare ancient cypress forest on the Northern Cross-Island Highway. Along the trail in the primary forest, you can see 24 giant trees at close range. There is also a chance to see Taiwan endemic species such as Swinhoe's pheasant and Formosan serows.

    ※ Important notice:
    • For mountaineering and hiking, please consider your physical abilities and health condition. When visiting in winter, pay attention to staying warm and road safety.
  • Mountain biking

    If you want to challenge your physical abilities and enjoy the Northern Cross-Island Highway scenery, you must try the Luoma Highway bike route. Successive up- and down-slopes and hairpin bends will test your physical strength and perseverance. At the same time, you can enjoy the mountain breeze and sunshine, and overlook the bridge across the valley and the tribes in the mountains.

Guided tours in the indigenous lands

Follow the footsteps of the hunters to learn about the Northern Cross-Island Highway forests and the Atayal Culture

  • Guided tours in the indigenous lands

    Follow the tribal hunters along the hunting trails to go deep into the primary forest, listen to their stories, and learn their hunting skills. After nightfall, the tribal elders tell the stories of their ancestors and tribes to teach about the importance of coexisting with nature. In the Northern Cross-Island Highway tribes, adventures are not only about the pursuit of thrills, but also a deep cultural exploration.

    ※ Important notice:
    • Tribal tours must be reserved in advance. Please use the details provided below.

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