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Indigenous Homelands along the Northern Cross-Island Highway

A Summer Outing in Lala Mountain

The Northern Cross-Island Highway Taoyuan is the best preserved of Taiwan's three east-west highways. Many views and attractions can be found along the highway, including the Daxi Old Street, Cihu, Houcihu, Jiaoban Mountain, the Chiang Family Culture Park, Fuxing Suspension Bridge, the Shihmen Reservoir, the Xiaowulai Sky Trail, Lala Mountain, etc. With a variety of sights and experiences including vintage trees, trails, butterflies, hiking, indigenous culture experiences, and fruit-picking, this is your best choice for a summer getaway.

Xiao Wulai Skywalk

Xiao Wulai Skywalk

Indigenous Culture Experiences

Fuxing Township is the only indigenous township in Taoyuan County. The County Government has planned a series of Indigenous Tribal Tours, including Atayal Hbunqnmi Village Happy Tour, Atayal Rahaw Village Cultural Tour, Atayal Kauiran Village Countryside Tour, Atayal Qus Village Water Tour, Atayal Ksunu Village Organic Tour, and Atayal Thokak Village Song and Dance Tour. With delicious tribal cuisines and cultural experiences to offer, as well as enthusiastic indigenous tour guides to explain local history and traditional buildings, you'll have an unforgettable experience learning about Atayal culture and living.

Northern Cross-Island Highway Travel Festival

The annual Northern Cross-Island Highway Travel Festival attracts huge crowds seeking respite from the summer heat each year. In addition to outdoor music you can enjoy while lying on the soothing grass, you can also explore old indigenous trails and discover the marks left behind by our ancestors as they fetched and carried water. The newly constructed Baling Old Trail in Lala Mountain, Shuijun Old Trail in Xiaowulai, and Tianehu Trail in Cihu also give you new panoramas on the Northern Cross-Island highway. You can also sample a tourist's favorite, the fragrant, sweet, melt-in-your-mouth Lala Mountain peaches, long known as the "pearl of the mountains.


Recommended Attractions