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Xikou Tribe (溪口部落)


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Did you know that the person who named this tribe is very famous? Did you know that tribal couples use two reeds to express their love? Are you an expert when it comes to the Xikou Tribe? Follow the footsteps of the locals, discover how music can be passed on for hundreds of years without using a staff, and taste the traditional dishes that are used to express the nature worship of the tribe. The hidden Xikou culture awaits your discovery!
Located opposite of Mt. Jiaoban, the Xikou tribe sits in the upper river terrace of the Dahan River. The meandering landscape features are similar to Mr. Chiang Kai-Shek's hometown, Xikou in Fenghua Country, Zhejiang Province. Therefore, Mr. Chiang named it Xikou, and called it his second hometown. Called the "tribe of the President" inside this forest, the upper Xikoutai is next to the Luoma Expressway and the lower Xikoutai is located 150 meters beneath the Luoma Expressway. The giant vine bamboo basket at the entrance is the common back apparatus for women. Strolling through the tribe, not only can you see the lookout post, barn, Catholic church and such traditional buildings, but also learn to be a one-day hunter! From designing traps, observing animal habits, to catching the target and turning it into a delicacy, you will experience the extraordinary achievement of being a hunter! Replacing the old suspension Bridge, the Xikou Suspension Bridge is 303 meters long, and it will take you to see the unforgettable and spectacular scenery of the Dahan River and the surrounding mountains.
Every tribe has its own melody. The sound of Jew's harp in Xikou tribe is clear sounding and pleasant. It can be played while dancing and the expression of love is hidden in the music. If you want to improve the skills of playing Jew's harp quickly, our "national treasure", Mr. Lin Mingfu can help! In addition, to try out an Atayal style meal is a must when visiting Xikou Tribe! Famous dishes include millet-marinated meat with makauy, millet mochi, and bamboo rice, which are full of original flavors and will give you lots of energy! After eating, having a cup of millet wine, singing and dancing under the beautiful starry night will make for an absolutely fun trip!



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■ Currently only group tours can be reserved in advance (Contact Ms. Lin from Taoyuan City Fuxing District, Tourism Guide Association at 0975780017)
■ Tours need to be reserved in advance and tour guide's interpretations and instructions must be strictly followed, so as to not violate the tribal taboos and security codes.
■ Please also take measure to prevent sunburn and mosquito bites in summer.


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