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Baling Bridge (Baling Bridge and Baling Old Bridge)巴陵橋(巴陵大橋、巴陵舊橋)


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Baling Bridge is like a pink ribbon tied on each bank of the Dahan River that takes passengers to the hometown of peaches. Listed one of the top three Northern Cross-Island bridges (the other two are Luofu Bridge and Dahan Bridge), Baling Bridge was built in 2005 as a crucial landmark in Baling. Full length of the steel bridge is 220 meters and its maximum span is 185 meters, the largest span among all bridges across Dahan River. Compared to the 4.5-meter wide Baling Old Bridge which could only allow single driveway, Baling Bridge is much more efficient in terms of traffic relief especially on holidays when many commute to Lalashan and Jiaobanshan. The bridge is 11.5 meters wide. Driveways for both sides are 7.5 meters wide and the sidewalk is 1.5 meters wide. If you walk on the bridge, you will be amazed by the refined architectural techniques.
Beneath Baling Bridge, Yufeng River and Sanguang River converge in creating a spectacular view. From the observation deck, you see the new and the old bridge like a reflection in the mountains.
There are tunnels constructed by pure man labor on both sides of the old bridge that are no longer used as driveways. Rather, they now display Atayal aboriginal paintings, traditional clothing and agricultural products. “Balong Memorial Pillar” stands aside the exit of Tunnel No.1 (Baling was originally named Balong). It is established in memory of the Balong Railway Bridge built in Japanese colonial period. If you are into thrillers, bungee jumping off the 43-meter high Baling Old Bridge is recommended for you to excel your limits!




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It is one of the venues where Northern Cross-Island Travel Festival is held.


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