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Shopping District in front of the Taoyuan Train Station(桃園火車站前商圈)


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The shopping district in front of the Taoyuan Train Station refers to the bustling shopping district from Zhongzheng Road in front of the train station extending all the way to Jingfu Temple on Zhongshan Road. This short section which encompasses only a few street corners is a gathering place of a huge variety of different businesses such as popular items, fashion, apparel, jewelry, and department stores. When the lights come on after sundown, this area becomes a part of Taoyuan which never sleeps, and it is also the perfect place for shopaholics to discover new surprises and great bargains.

The shopping district in front of the Taoyuan Train Station is a unique shopping area which encompasses old and new culture. Due to its convenient location, the shopping district has attracted many businesses to set up shop, resulting in the expansion of the shopping district. The shopping district in front of the Taoyuan Train Station is made up of three main sections, which are divided into the themes of good shopping, good food, and fun to play: The first section closest to the train station is where computer and electronic products are gathered, along with fine department stores. The mid-section of the shopping district is generally concentrated on Chenggong Road, it contains fashion stores, Asian and Western style cuisines, coffee houses, and light meal offerings, making it a favorite hangout place for younger consumers. The last section of the shopping district is based around Jingfu Temple; the crowd there is mostly made up of temple worshippers, traditional snack vendors, and eateries. If you would like to experience the local vitality of Taoyuan, come and visit the Zhongzheng Road shopping district.

The first section of the shopping district is mainly on Zhongzheng Road, extending to Datong Road, Fuxing Road, and Zhonghua Road. As it is close to the Taoyuan Train Station and other bus stations, transportation in and out of the area is extremely convenient. Inside the shopping district are three large department stores: FE21, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, and Tonlin Department Store. Due to the bustling business atmosphere created by the presence of the department stores, many international brands have set up shop in the area, bringing new prosperity to the shopping district.
In addition to the department stores and various shops, this area is also close to schools and cram schools. From the Tonlin Department Store extending to the mid-section of Zhongzheng Road marks its general perimeter. Included within are sportswear stores and coffee shops, all trendy and fashionable sport brands favored by the younger generation can be bought here. A variety of creative cuisines are hidden inside the alleys, satisfaction visitors' food cravings.

Once you enter the last section of the shopping district centered around Jingfu Temple, you will have arrived in the traditional snacks and traditional business area which developed due to the Temple's worshipping crowds. The over a hundred year old Jingfu Temple is located at the intersection of Zhongzheng Road and Zhongshan Road, the locals call it the "big temple"; it is not only the most famous Temple in Taoyuan City, its value as a historical site is also affirmed as it has been listed as a level three national monument. Around the temple, famous eateries can be found offering duck meat dishes, Meinong flat rice noodles, oyster vermicelli, Taiwanese meatballs, and rice vermicelli soup for those in search of delicious foods.
Walk on to granite-paved "Xinming Street" to experience a different atmosphere; it was once lauded as the "top street of Taoyuan" as it is right next to Jingfu Temple and has developed a unique cultural history. Although Xinming Street is not as well-known as Daxi Old Street, it retains the treasured memories of Taoyuan residents, After cultural creative elements and street art performances have been incorporated, a conflicting yet complementary beauty is created; come to experience the unique atmosphere inside the narrow alleyways.




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