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Kuang Chuan Dairy Fun Center (Dayuan Base)(光泉牛奶園地(大園廠))


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Milk is not only a natural drink with balanced nutrition, but also the most commonly-accepted food that is perfectly nutritious. In every stage of life, milk is an important source of nutrition for babies, teenagers, adult women and seniors.
Entrusted by Department of Health, Academia Sinica conducted a health survey of Taiwan elementary school students for the year 2001-2002 and the survey revealed that most elementary school students had unhealthy eating habits, resulting in malnutrition and lack of calcium and dietary fiber.
Kuang Chuan believes that school-age children must acquire appropriate knowledge in healthy diet since a young age and therefore proposes such a field trip plan that invites kids to visit the milk processing plant and connect their nutrition knowledge with wonderful life experiences. Together with the school health education, young kids will gradually develop healthy eating habits and kick-start a healthier lifestyle.



TEL 03-3865185#111
FAX 03-3862475
Opening Hours Tuesday to Friday, 9:00-15:00. Closed on national holidays.
Charge Free Admission


  • Introductory Lecture
  • Bus Station
  • Toilet
  • Parking Lot


Guided Tours:
⓪ Applicants: Government institutions, schools, organizations, etc.
⓪ Admission: Free
⓪ Reservation Methods: By phone or online booking
⓪ Content: milk products packaging (on-site introduction) → Milk production and processing (PowerPoint introduction) → Time to taste → End of the guided tour
⓪ The guided tour takes about 60 minutes and each group member will receive a gift.
⓪ Notes: Reservations must be made 14 days in advance. Groups of 30 to 50 people are accepted.


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