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Jiang Ji Fermented Bean Curd Culture Gallery(江記豆腐乳文化館)


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Saturday: Break time
With the family recipes that have been handed down over 60 years, Jiang Ji has been the expert that specializes in developing and producing fermented bean curd and has an excellent reputation for its high-quality products. In 2004, the company was renamed as Xin-Peng-Lai Foods Co., Ltd and entered a new phase of enterprise growth. In 2011, Xin-Peng-Lai Foods established new plants in Zhongli, Taoyuan. Simultaneously, Jiang Ji Fermented Bean Curd Culture Gallery was built up to upgrade its brand image, to promote public understanding of fermented bean curd and to keep track of Xin-Peng-Lai's history.
Because modern people are paying more and more attention to their health, Xin-Peng-Lai follows strict standards at every step of production, from choosing ingredients to manufacturing products. Xin-Peng-Lai is committed to using only non-GMO soybeans, brown rice, rice wine and sugar in its products that contain absolutely NO preservative, NO artificial color and NO saccharin. By using a traditional method but the most advanced equipment to make fermented bean curd, Xin-Peng-Lai has obtained both ISO 22000 certification and HACCP food safety certification.
Based on its secret recipe, Jiang Ji's strict quality control and careful fermentation contributes to the best fermented bean curd that tastes absolutely good and provides the flavor that you won't be bored of. Jiang Ji Fermented Bean Curd Culture Gallery was established not only to maintain cohesion of the Jiang's family, but also to hand down the mystery of delicious fermented foods and to insist on the best fermented bean curd with more than 60 years of history. Have one bite of fermented bean curd in your mouth and you will realize the culture and persistence of Jiang Ji Xin-Peng-Lai.
Besides showcasing products, the gallery displays the history and culture of fermented bean curd from production, cultural and innovative perspectives. In the exhibition space that integrates traditional techniques with modern interior design, visitors can participate in fun fermented bean curd DIY activity (please make reservations in advance) that shows the new outlook of the traditionally fermented bean curd!



TEL 03-4986018
FAX 03-4985680
Opening Hours Sunday: Break time
Monday: 09:00 – 16:00
Tuesday: 09:00 – 16:00
Wednesday: 09:00 – 16:00
Thursday: 09:00 – 16:00
Friday: 09:00 – 16:00
Saturday: Break time
Charge Free admission. DIY activity fee: NT$100/each.


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Please make a reservation for fermented bean curd DIY activity 7 days in advance.
Each DIY class must have a minimum of 15 participants and a maximum of 40 per group.
For individual visitors or groups of less than 15 people, please call to know the possibility of joining other groups.


Choose a transportation method based on your departure location.


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