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Taiwan Trip - Xiaowulai Route

Xiaowulai Route Map

Xiaowulai Route Map
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Xiaowulai Route Timetable
Xiaowulai Route Timetable Download.png

Ticket Information

Operating Hours Weekends and National holidays: 08:30-13:30 at Taoyuan Bus Taoyuan Station. 10:30-17:10at Xiaowulai Station.

Where to buy tickets: Taoyuan Bus Taoyuan Station

ADD No.28, Yanping Rd., Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 33067, Taiwan

TEL +886-3-375-3711

Service Hours Monday - Sunday : 9:00~17:00

Fare and Discount information

Single-ride ticket for Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Bus, Xiaowulai Route

Price NT$2.58 per km after NT$18 for the first 8 km. (standard rounding)

Use Direction Single ride

Where to buy tickets You can purchase the tickets when you get on the bus as well.

One-day Pass for Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Bus - Xiaowulai Route

Price Adult Ticket NT$150; Concession Ticket NT$75

Use Direction Unlimited Rides within one day

Where to buy tickets You can purchase the tickets when you get on the bus as well.

Offer information 
(1)There is Wi-fi service available on the buses so that you can get easy internet access at any time .Moreover each route is equipped with a picture-book themed-bus so that you will have the opportunity to travel with the Taoyuan City mascots Tao & Yuango to visit the beautiful attractions of Taoyuan . In addition you can use your one-day pass in the contract stores to enjoy tremendous discount.
(2)Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Xiaowulai Route Ticket includes free shuttle service by Bus No.5096 between Taoyuan and Daxi.
(3)With Xiaowulai Route One-day pass , you can visit Back Cihu without regular online reservation (10 persons in one group at about 20 minute intervals) . Please sign up at Cihu Guided Service Station .
(4)With Xiaowulai Route One-day pass , you can visit the Xiaowulai Sky Walk at a discounted entry fee of NT$30 ; online reservation is not required .


Ticketing Guidelines

1.There are Adult tickets and Concession tickets.

2.Concession tickets(Half-price tickets) are available to:
(1)Senior citizens over the age of 65, with ROC ID cards or Senior Citizen Cards.
(2)Holders of Disabled Cards, and a guardian or a companion.
(3)Children between 115cm and 150cm or children under 12 years old can purchase half-price tickets with valid IDs.
(4)Children below 115cm or children under 6 years old but at the height above 115cm are free of charge with valid IDs,but they must be accompanied by adults with valid tickets, should not take any seat.

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  • Transfer Information

    By Plane Bus No. 706, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport – Taoyuan Railway Station After arriving at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, take the bus No. 706 Taoyuan shuttle bus to TRA Taoyuan Station, and then proceed on foot to the Taoyuan Bus Taoyuan station at the Rear Station(about 10 minutes).

    By Train Take train to Taoyuan Station, exit from the Rear Station and walk for about 10 minutes to the Taoyuan Bus Taoyuan Station.

    By THSR Bus No. 206, THSR Taoyuan Station - Taoyuan Station Take THSR to THSR Taoyuan Station, and transfer to bus No.206 to Taoyuan Bus Taoyuan Station.

    TAOYUAN METRO GR Taoyuan Metro Kengkou Station - Taoyuan Station Take Taoyuan Metro to A11 Kengkou station, and transfer to GR bus to get to Taoyuan Bus Taoyuan station and then wait for the bus.

    Transportaion information

    Taoyuan Bus

    Taoyuan Bus Taoyuan Station +886-3-375-3711 / No.28, Yanping Rd., Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 33067, Taiwan

    Taoyuan Bus Zhongli Station +886-3-422-2047/ No.225, Zhonghe Rd., Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City 32041, Taiwan

    Taoyuan Bus Daxi Station +886-3-388-2002 / No.1, Desheng Rd., Daxi Dist., Taoyuan City 335, Taiwan

    Visitor Center

    Taoyuan Railway Station Visitor Information Center / +886-3-367-3743

    Zhongli Railway Station Visitor Information Center / +886-3-426-6216

    THSR Taoyuan Station Visitor Information Center / +886-3-453-2921

    Selected Tours by Theme

    Xiaowulai Route: A dating trip through the most secret attractions

    Republic of ChocolateTaste the richness and sweethness of chocolate.Jiaobanshan ResidenceTake an imaginary tour of military operation.Daxi Tea FactoryHave a cup of tea in this quaint factory.

    Xiao Wulai SkywalkWalk in the clouds to challenge your visual limits. Daxi Tea FactoryHave a cup of tea in this quaint factory.Daxi Old Street/ Heping Old Street Experience the centennial culture and taste the local delicacies.

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  • Bus Stop

    Xiaowulai Route Bus Stop
    Xiaowulai Route Bus Stop Download.png