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Jiaobanshan Easy Tour- 1hr Itinerary (角板山輕鬆遊-1小時遊程)

Posted Date:2017-10-30

Popularity: 1998

Jiaobanshan Easy Tour- 1hr Itinerary (角板山輕鬆遊-1小時遊程)
Post Department of Tourism, Taoyuan- Director
Day 1 Day
Season Summer
Transport City Bus、Drive
Category Ecological Tour、History Tour、Culinary Journey、Taiwan Trip

Yummy Food Tour:
Taste Jiaobanshan Commercial Area (1hr)

Summer is the best season to visit Jiaobanshan because it's the perfect time to taste season-limited peaches. A box of juicy, sweet and fine-textured peaches is something you must buy!

In Jiaobanshan Commercial District, you can also find all kinds of shops selling street foods, local agricultural produce and dried goods. Remember to bring home some green bamboo shoots, mushrooms and cloud ear fungus, all of which are delicious mountain produce not to be missed.


Culture and Heritage Tour:
Camphor Collection Station (20 min) → War-readiness Tunnel (10 min) → Jiaobanshan Residence (30 min)

From the north entrance on Zhongzheng Rd. to enter the park, the Japanese building next to the Visitor Center is the Camphor Collection Station, the last remaining Camphor Office in Taiwan. The Camphor Culture Exhibition nearby displays the camphor extraction process and related historical events. The footpath next to the war-readiness tunnel leads to the Jiaobanshan Residence, in which Chiang's life is told through photos, documents and audio and video materials. Besides getting a sneak peek at the first family’s daily life during wartime, you can have a brief rest at Siqin Pavilion to overlook the Xikou Terrace from atop, or take a leisure stroll around the ecology pond.