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Pingzhen: The irrigation canal and Yimin Temple of Anping Town

Posted Date:2022-12-26

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Pingzhen: The irrigation canal and Yimin Temple of Anping Town
Day 1 Day
Transport Bicycle
Category Hakka Tour Itinerary
Come explore the Pingzhen irrigation channels and experience the interwoven network of paths. As you visit the famous Bazi Channel and the over-ridge branch of Shimen Large Channel on foot, you will be able to appreciate the preciousness of water resources in the agricultural age. Along the way, you will pass several Bogong (Earth God) temples, gaining insight into the connection between the Hakka people's Bogong beliefs and their daily lives. Visit the ancient battlefield of Anping Town and the Baozhong Temple (Yimin Temple) and explore the Ring of Yiwei to learn about the mottled memories of the anti-Japanese history. A stroll through Anping Town will show you the charm of its olden days.

Route Planning: Dakengque Rock Wall Ecological Park → Zhennan Fude Temple → Century-old Camphor Tree → Zhennan Bridge (Ancient Red Brick Bridge) → Huang Fu Xing House → Little Red House → Dazhuang Bogong → Bogong Pond Red Brick Arch Bridge → Bazi Channel Waterfront Park → Xinguang Suspension Bridge Ruins → Laojiexi Trail → Shimen Large Channel Over-ridge Branch Trail → 1895 War Memorial Park → Baozhong Temple (Yimin Temple) → The Ring of Yiwei Memory Exhibition Hall


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■ For tour reservations and guided tours, please contact Pingzhen Community Development Association at 0935-756036.
■ The sightseeing tour is primarily made on foot, which takes about 4-6 hours’ walking. Please assess your own physical condition.