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Xinwu: Explore the Oceanic Hakka Culture at the stone weirs

Posted Date:2022-12-26

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Xinwu: Explore the Oceanic Hakka Culture at the stone weirs
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Category Hakka Tour Itinerary
The unique characteristics of Taoyuan's oceanic Hakka people, who cultivate both land and sea, have forged an intimate relationship between the community and the environment. Come experience the oceanic Hakka's special dish, "Salty Rice with Fermented Fish", which is a dialogue with the natural ecology; visit the millennium-old algal reefs, which have the potential to become a World Heritage site and learn how the coastal Hakka settlements coexist with the sea.

Route Planning:
Yong'an Conch Plaza → Yong'an Fish Market → Stone Weirs Story House → Algal Reef Ecology Environment Classroom


Algal Reef Ecology Classroom guided tour fee (NT$250 per person)


■ Outdoor guided tours require at least one week advance reservation with Yongxing Community Development Association by calling (03) 486-3911. Please bring your own rain boots or shoe covers for the tour.
■ To get to the algae reef, visitors need to walk through a gravel beach. Please consider your own condition before signing up for the tour.