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Taoyuan Tourism


Tourism Vision

Vision: Anytime can be a good time to tour around Taoyuan.

Establish a platform for the development of Taoyuan tourism, create new tourist attractions, improve the tourism and leisure environment, and increase the number of domestic and international visitors.

Increase the visibility of Taoyuan tourism through the collaboration of government, academy and industry, provide safe and high-quality accommodation and tourism services so as to attract more tourists and trigger the industrial advancement.

Establish the unique charm of each municipal-level scenic area, enhance its quality of service, activate shuttle bus services and promote cycling tours, making touring Taoyuan more convenient for tourists and minimizing the negative impacts of tourism on local residents.

Propose eco-tourist itineraries and bring together all levels of industry for the sustainable development of green tourism industry.

Hold different tourism activities, participate in domestic and international tourism fairs, use all types of media to integrate and publicize its own features as well as enhance the value of Taoyuan tourism.


Charming Tourism: Draw up Taoyuan's tourism development strategies, open up new tourist spots, consolidate tourism resources, develop local features, and promote the development and use of hiking trails.

Thoughtful Tourism: Encourage the upgrading of local tourism industry and create tourism brands and services of high quality so as to provide thoughtful tourist information services in a thoughtful tourism environment.

Sustainable Tourism: Maintain Taoyuan's municipal-level scenic areas in a sustainable way depending on the concept of natural conservation, create new tourist attractions, deepen environmental education, improve facilities as well as services.

Green Tourism: Encourage the use of public transport, promote healthy hiking trails and low carbon package tours, plan green tour itineraries and provide green tourism experience.

Characteristic Tourism: Hold all kinds of tourism activities, arrange featured tours, perform market segmentation through multi-channel marketing strategies in order to enhance Taoyuan's image as a high-quality tourist destination.