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Daxi Bridge(大溪橋)


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Ruian Bridge spans Dahan River and can be found just below Zhongzheng Park. It connects to the cycling track on the left bank of Dahan River and is only available for use to pedestrians and cyclists. In addition to the lights which switch on at night that adds atmosphere to the night scenery of the Dahan River banks, the bridge was constructed using the Baroque style similar to the buildings on Daxi Old Street. The bridge connects Ruian Road Section 1 and Daxi Old Street, making it simple to take a tour of culture and food over the weekends.

The bridge was built in 1934. In the early days, it was a bamboo-wooden bridge constructed from a bamboo frame with layered rocks. It was one of the main routes for the residents of Daxi to the outside world. It also connected the areas East and West of the river. In the Japanese colonial era, the bridge was transformed into a dual-bored cable suspension bridge with a total length of 280 meters, and its current appearance has changed little since then. With the construction of the Wuling Bridge and the Second Outer Ring Road, Daxi Bridge gradually fell into disuse. Due to typhoon damages, it was reconstructed twice, also with the “community overall renovation” concept, it was decided to enhance and reconstruct the bridge. Construction work began officially in 2001 after the planning of the district office and the Directorate General of Highways, Daxi Bridge would be revamped to become a reinforced concrete bridge with 13 abutments and totaling a length of 330 meters.

The revamped Daxi Bridge resembled the old suspension bridge from the Japanese colonial era, the entrance to the bridge has a vintage arch design, added to the carved dome ceiling — it is as splendid as a palace. Go through the Baroque frescoed archway and walk along the red-tiled bridge while enjoying the elegant style similar to that of Daxi Old Street. The white-grey frescoes complement those found on Daxi Old Street, emphasizing their classical beauty. Benches are also available on the bridge to take a rest.

Apart from the facilities of the bridge, the scenery from the bridge is also one of the famous views of Daxi. From here you can see the splendor of the Shihmen Dam and Tamsui’s Guanyin Mountain in the distance. On either side of the bridge, Wuling Bridge and Kanjin Bridge can also be found. When you gaze upon the tapestry woven by the river valley, the rocks and the bridges, it may no longer be the famed “Return of the Boats to Kanjin” view in the century past, but with the caress of gently blowing breeze and the embrace of nature, the glory of the bygone days is easy to imagine.

If you arrive after dusk, don’t rush off yet — this is a perfect place to watch the sunset. In the evening when the lights are lit, the bridge looks particularly vibrant and lively, giving off an exotic atmosphere and showing the other side of Daxi Bridge’s splendor. This is also why Daxi Bridge is also known as “Lover’s Bridge” and has attracted many enthusiastic photographers. On weekends and holidays, street artists and performers can be found demonstrating spinning tops or playing music. Along the bank of Daxi Bridge, you can also try your hand at the “Love Eternal” spinning tops, legends say that if you spin the tops according to the instructions, your love will become even deeper and serve as a testament of love between couples.



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