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Zhongli Laojie Creek Trail & Xinjie Creek Trail(中壢老街溪、新街溪步道)

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The Zhongli Art Park, River Education Center, and Hakka villages together form a beautiful convergence of nature and culture.

Enjoy the greenness during the day and light projection mapping at night in the riverside park.


Laojie (Old Street) Creek and Xinjie (New Street) Creek flow through the metropolitan area of the southern Taoyuan. After the river restoration for Laojie Creek and Xinjie Creek, the two distinctive trails, Laojie Creek Trail and Xinjie Creek Trail, are established. The two trails not only enrich the dimensions of tourism, but also bring changes to the urban manner of leisure. For example, the public is able to relax in the lush greenery of the hydrophilic trails while amidst in the busy, metropolitan district. The dazzling lighting show at night, the surrounding Xinshi Park, the River-Ecology Education Center and other related facilities, have become the new leisure landmarks in the southern Taoyuan.

Originating from Longtan, Laojie Creek runs northward through Pingzhen, Zhongli, Dayuan regions, and is named after Zhongli Laojie which it passes through on the way. Laojie Creek is therefore an important river in Zhongli City.

The starting point of Laojie River Trail is in the Bazizun Riverbank Park in Pingzhen District, while the end point is at Laojie River Bridge on Huanbei Road, making it easily accessible. Departing from Sanchong Bridge in Pingzhen, you will be able to connect to Bajiaotang (Octagonal Pond), Bogong Temple, Zhongli Jiushe, Pingzhen Xinshi Park, and River Education Center. The stroll along the creek trail caters to both sight-seeing and leisure purposes, and thus energizes the walkers on the trail.

The Xinjie Creek, also the target of river restoration, flows through Zhongli and Pingzhen downtown and parallels with Laojie Creek as the two major rivers in Zhongli District. Xinjie Creek has a 3 km long hydrophilic riverbank with lush greenery. Along both sides of the Creek, 1.5 km riverbank trails will be built for local residents to have a place to stroll and exercise.

The trail starts from Fude Bridge, goes southward, and then is divided into Zhongfu Segment and Xizhou Segment. Zhongfu Segment is specially noted for its green landscape. When you walk along the riverbank, you can see the distinctive riverbank ecology. Along the trail, you will pass the lush greenery Zhongli Art Center, which has various artistic sculptures and exercise facilities for the public to appreciate and to use. The cherry blossom trail at the riverbank is also a place worthy of a visit.

After coming to Yanping Road and then turning into Xizhou Street, you now enter into Xizhou Segment of Xinjie Creek Trail. Situated between Xinjie Bridge on Puyi Road and Fude Bridge on Zhongshan Road, this segment is approximately 1 km and there is wooden planked trail for visitors to walk upon along the way. You can also visit Ren Hai Temple and Shenji Pavilion to partake in a fruitful cultural tour.




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■The entrance of Laojie River Trail is located in Xinshi Park near Laojie River. You can walk from here all the way to Cuiti Bridge, Xinshi Park, and Laojie River Education Center.
■Some part of the road is one-way only.


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  • wesleywaisiu

    Singapore, Singapore

    Traveler type:

    Solo travel

    Chill in the middle of the city

    Traveler rating:3 2019-04

    The river path is nice to walk, it’s in the middle of zhongli city center. It’s a Long riveside path which is good for a relax walk in the afternoon.
  • carlc256

    Zhongli, Taoyuan

    Traveler type:

    Solo travel

    Nature in the city

    Traveler rating:5 2018-11

    This is a beautiful, peaceful ride/walk through the city passing many gentle points of interest and artwork. There are also a few cafes and restaurants along the way and many more just off the trail itself.
  • tateake

    Traveler type:


    只有步道100分嗎 …

    Traveler rating:2 2021-11

    相隔上次的輕騎已經超過一年了,今天興起再次騎上一圈,騎完後只有一個想法 …沒有最臭、只有更臭;騎完後鼻子真個的不舒服,臭味久久無法消除,就算是戴上口罩依然無法阻絕臭味。 什麼時候才有完全的100分老街溪水...
  • vole123456789


    Traveler rating:1 2020-09

    2020/09/18 最近不知道在做甚麼工程, 但派大型工具車在人行步道移動。 部分人行步道疑似損壞, 麻煩你們派人去探查一下。
  • Papa_sam10270325


    Traveler type:



    Traveler rating:4 2018-11

    これは、素晴らしい自転車に最適な方法です。 途中の美しい流れと自転車の車線は非常に平らで、よく乗っています 私たちの家族はここに自転車に乗っていて、とてもリラックスしています。

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