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Luofu Bridge(羅浮橋)


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Luofu Bridge is built along the Tahan river valley on the Northern Cross-Island Highway. Wherever the highway crosses the valleys, there is a designed large bridge, such as Luofu Bridge, Fuxing Bridge or Baling Bridge. These are the major three bridges on the Northern Cross-Island Highway. Due to the arch design on the pier, plus its bright red color, Luofu Bridge offers a visual treat for visitors traveling along the Northern Cross-Island Highway.

Luofu Bridge is a 230 meter-long iron arch bridge. Around the bridge are a walking trail and a lookout platform, where you can appreciate the extraordinary landscape from a vantage point. Many visitors stop to enjoy the scenery and take pictures. Especially on a lovely sunny day, the reflection of the red Luofu Bridge complements the blue mountains and green waters along the bridge, accentuating the radiant beauty of the scene, which is why many professional photographers are lured here to capture the breathtaking image. 




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