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Dahan Bridge(大漢橋)


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If you are looking for a perfect mountain getaway, the Northern Cross-Island Highway is the best way. It would be a pity if you drive all the way just to pass by the magnificent mountains! There is much to do in addition to peach-picking, trying out aboriginal cuisines and mountain view seeing. Dahan Bridge is the latest attraction at Northern Cross which adds a brand new perspective to tourism on Provincial Highway No.7 which is guaranteed to be unforgettably fun!
Dahan Bridge is 72.5 meters long and 4 meters wide. The eye-catching red bridge strikes through Tama River Valley, composing a vivid comparison between the steel arch and precipitous mountain wall. To stand on the 24-story-high bridge takes immense curiosity and a crazy amount of passion. Looking down from above the bridge into the deep valley as if you were an eagle riding the winds, the sky and the mountains seem within arm’s reach. Enjoy the overwhelming excitement triggered by the shock of such natural beauty and get rid of all your stress from reality!
Only experienced travelers know that fall is the best season to visit Dahan Bridge. Maple trees add colors to the usually green canvas of Dahan Bridge in mid November when an autumn celebration kicks off with green, yellow and red leaves glittering under the sunlight. It is an extravagant party that you definitely don’t want to miss! Another seasonal festival, the “May Butterfly Frenzy”, features the Taiwanese endemic broad-tailed swallowtail butterfly, the Japanese national butterfly, sasakia charonda and ussuriana michaelis takarana. 




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