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Zuntou Village Military History Park (圳頭里軍史公園)


Popularity: 1574

Sunday: Open 24 hours a day


Feast to the eyes for military fans —assembly of decommissioned military ammunition from army, navy, and air force.

Just as fascinating as Top Gun! Display of F5E fighter aircraft.


Attention please! Anyone who has a fascination with the military, don't miss the chance to meet retired weapons or vehicles from the army, navy and air force! Zuntou Village in Dayuan District is famous for its wetland ecology, but now, it is also famous for the display of retired weapons and vehicles under the viaduct of Provincial Highway No. 61. If you've been longing for being an adorable pilot or admiring these "retired warriors," including equipment and components of the naval destroyer, LVT P5-A1 landing vehicle, F5E aircraft "Zhongzheng" Mod and so on, at a close distance, Zuntou Village Military History Park is the must-see to satisfy your military fantasy!

In the park, each weapon or vehicle on display has its own story. The F5E jet, co-produced by the ROC government and the US government, used to play an important role in maintaining the peace over the Taiwan Strait. In 1975, to celebrate the 88th birthday of the former Taiwan President Chiang Kai-Shek, F5E received another name "Zhongzheng" Mod. For sharp-eyed military fans, it's easy to find the F5E series aircrafts in the classic film "Top Gun." Standing in front of the 3-meter-high military aircraft and imaging the breathtaking battles in the sky will make your trip much more fun. The M48A3 Patton tank, also made in the US, was the main force in cross-country combats in the 80s. Next to it, components of the destroyer Qingyang, including its drag anchor and propeller, are displayed. The destroyer Qingyang was also named as the destroyer "Lucky" because it survived the furious Kamikaze attack and did not sink. It was said that captains who served on the destroyer Qingyang would be soon promoted to generals! The showpieces including the LVTP5-A1 landing vehicle that participated in the August 23rd Artillery Battle, an 5-inch single-barrel gun of 38 amplification rates which was attached to an aircraft carrier, and still other weapons are right here waiting to take you through the shocking war history.

Besides these stunning retired military weapons, the park stores the stone lions and dragon pillars taken from Dayuan Renshou Temple during its renovation. It also features a playground, a pebble walking trail, outdoor fitness equipment and beautiful paintings on the bridge piers, making it a comfortable recreation park.




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