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Hutoushan Park(虎頭山公園)


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Saturday: 08:00 – 17:00


Bird and butterfly watching makes a great educational trip

Season limited tung tree flower and cherry blossom shower

The back garden of Taoyuan: Live and breathe the forest in the city from the circular trail


Hutoushan Park is located in the suburbs of Taoyuan on Section 3, Chenggong Road near Nankan River. Every day local residents come to the park to do their morning exercise. On holidays it can become very busy. People from Guishan, Bade, Zhongli, Taoyuan, and Luzhu all come here to hike. The originally 15-hectare park has been expanded to a 720-hectare scenic area, including the two recreational area of Hutoushan and Fengshukeng and three hiking trails systems, making Hutoushan an important urban park in northern Taiwan.

The three hiking trail systems include the front-mountain trail (including the all-age-friendly trail and the circular trail) of Hutoushan Park, and the back-mountain trail of Hutoushan Park, and Taoyuan Country Road 11.

Hutoushan Park is at a vantage point close to the city center of Taoyuan, adding greenness to the city and therefore is named the “back garden of Taoyuan.” There are many walking trails in the park, labeled with different colors. Besides the common footpath in the park, there are also seven other trails including a scenic trail, cherry blossom trail, forest trail, sun pavilion trail, plum garden trail, eco guided tour trail, and a Martyr’s Shrine trail. Together they present the complete beauty of Hutoushan to the visitors. In addition, in the front-mountain there is also the all-age-friendly trail that was built with an elevation method to preserve the natural habitat of animals and plants as well as offer a more comfortable hiking environment for the hikers.

The back-mountain hiking trail system begins from Chenggong Road in Taoyuan to Taoyuan Country Road 11, Guishan tree nursery road, Zhongkeng Street, Guangfeng Road, Provincial Highway 1, and back to the starting point. The Taoyuan Country Road 11 system, as part of the rejuvenation project of the old Taoyuan-Linkou railway, includes Huling Breeze Trail that connects to Hutoushan Park and Martyr’s Shrine by accessible ramps; as well as Sanyuan Trail and Shuibiantou Trail that connects to Hutoushan Eco Park.



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■There are many trails available. Please select them based own your own physical capabilities.
■There are mosquitos and bugs in the mountains. Long-sleeved shirts and pants of breathable fabric are recommended.
■There are more visitors to the park during holidays. Public transportation is recommended.


Choose a transportation method based on your departure location.


Parking is available.