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Dagushan Recreational Farm(大古山休閒農業區)


Popularity: 1758


The summer surprise: tens of thousands of white lilies.

Farm to table: DIY jam making, bake sweet potatoes, and render tea seed oil.

Meet-and-greet with the deer: race with the deer and feed baby deer.

From sowing to harvesting - this is what eco farming is about.


Know the food you eat! How does the vegetable you eat every day come from the farm to your table under the care of the farmers? Do not let your children think that chickens have six feet and grapes grow on the ground! Dagushan Recreational Farm is the best classroom for a lesson on food and farming, giving you the necessary knowledge as well as gratitude for the farmers and nature.

Dagushan Recreational Farm has the rare advantage of being accessible by two Taoyuan Airport MRT stations: Shanbi Station (A10) and Kengkou Station (A11), which are both at the south end of the park. The location is also close to New Taipei City and Taoyuan City center, making the park the urban back garden of northern Taiwan. The entire park covers around 300 hectares of land, growing rice, organic fruits, and garden plants. The “One-day farmer” experience is highly recommended for visitors. Put on a Douli (Taiwanese conical hat) and sleeve covers, learn about the procedures of sowing, picking vegetable, fertilization, and packaging, and gain deeper understanding of eco-friendly farming. Moreover, you can participate in the processing of produce to make hibiscus jam, bake sweet potatoes, and render tea seed oil. The hard-earned food after farm work will be extra tasty!

At the farm, you will have many opportunities to have close contact with animals. Do not underestimate the tame water deer who will beat you in a short sprint race. Roll up your pants and enjoy the simple fun of a mud fight and catching loaches. Feed chickens, ducks, and fish and be healed by the simple experience. Around April to May every year, the wild lily season brings a different charm to Dagushan with white flowers covering the hills. To get a good shot, you need to get the best spot in the garden restaurant. Having a meal of fresh local produce in the red brick farmhouse is also a recommended way of enjoying the farm.



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■Deer farms are only open to public on holidays during daytime.
■Most farming experiences are by reservation only. Please call the shops in advance to inquire.


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