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Longtan: Old Town Guide

Posted Date:2022-12-27

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Longtan: Old Town Guide
Day 1 Day
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Category Hakka Tour Itinerary
The streets, beliefs, and literature of the old town come together to form a daily scene of the Hakka village. With the daily atmosphere of the market as the preface and the literature of Chung Chao-cheng as the core, you can walk and read the literary landscape of Lingtanpi, pass through the Tongxue Lane to the Longtan Tourist Pond, and overlook Rugu Mountain in the distance. After enjoying an afternoon tea of local flavors by the lakeside, be ready to take the stage at the Longyuan Temple square, where the divine dragon dances in front of the incense of the Five Grains God. The venue of belief, the perspective of life, and the romance of the old town are all vividly displayed here.

Route Planning:
Longtan old town guided walk (Literary Park, Wude Hall, Longyuan Temple) → SAN NGAI KWUN dragon and lion dance experience → Ye-Ling-Man-Shen Creation Hub → Longtan Tourist Pond (Guided Ecological Walk) → Lakeside afternoon tea


Lunch fee, round-trip transportation fee, guided tour fee, poolside afternoon tea fee, and dragon dance experience fee


■ For inquiries about "Longtan Old Town Guided Walk" and "Longtan Tourist Pond (Guided Ecological Walk)”, please contact Taoyuan City Longtan Tour Guide Association at (03) 489-7842; for dragon dance experience, please visit the SAN NGAI KWUN's Facebook page or call 0989-102-779.
■ For the business hours of Ye-Ling-Man-Shen Creation Hub, please refer to the official Facebook page (
■ As there will be many outdoor activities during the trip, please bring your personal medications, mosquito repellent, rain gear, and sun protection essentials.